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When you're first learning to use PSP, the program can be pretty daunting. A lot of us started with version 5, and were glad to have someone to turn to to ask questions once in a while, when needed. For Vianne, the previous Director of this group, Roger Finks was her "buddy" - her point of reference when she got stuck, or couldn't figure out where things were, or what a tool did.

Many of the volunteers of this group have acted as buddies along the way, and we enjoy doing it. We'd like to now open the way for other members to also become buddies in this group.

First, let me say that this in no way will affect the PSPUG classes. It is just another way to help our members. It will provide assistance to PSPUG members who need some extra help, and will consist of other PSPUG members who volunteer to be a Buddy.

They will also answer questions about where to find something on the PSPUG site, direct them to classes, etc. A new member will be given a choice if they want a Buddy or not. If they do, a Buddy will be assigned to them.

The Buddy will be required to contact the person they are assigned to within 2 days. If the Buddy doesn't contact the new member within that time, a new Buddy will be assigned. The new member will be asked their level of PSP experience when they apply for a Buddy. Hopefully, that will help the Buddy determine the experience level of the new member. During the initial contact the Buddy can also determine at what level the new member is at.

In the event the Buddy is assigned to a real Newbie, they can direct them to the classes, and help them find their way around the site. Please note that a buddy is not required to teach someone how to use PSP. They are merely yet another way for you to get answers.

To apply to be or to request the help of a buddy, please click on the appropriate link below.

Applying To Be A Buddy

This form is for people who already know how to use PSP and are willing to be a buddy to someone who needs help with the program. I want to apply to be a buddy

Requesting A Buddy

This form is for people who are new to PSP and need the help of a buddy to learn the program. I would like to request a buddy