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Beginners Classes

Are you stuck with a program that you don't know how to use? Are you feeling lost looking at all of those multi coloured buttons? Do you want to touch up the family photos but don't know how to? If this sounds like you then do we have a treat for you? :-)

The Paint Shop Pro Users Group Learning Center's PSP8 Beginner Classes will start on
September 7, 2004. The Beginner Classes will run for 14 weeks. In those 14 weeks, you will learn 14 techniques that will get you started on your way towards Graphics Stardom ;-). It costs you nothing but a little bit of your time to attend these classes.

We meet in the IRC Chat channel every Tuesday. The time schedule has been posted below. For instructions on how to get to the chat channel, please visit the Chat section of our site. Also, for those participants who wish to have their work displayed for others to enjoy, send email here with your URL and in the Subject put 'Beginner Class URL'.

Tuesday - 1am GMT

  • 8pm Eastern

  • 7pm Central

  • 6pm Mountain

  • 5pm Pacific

Read further down to see what we are teaching on what week for the current month. Any necessary downloads will be listed here. To make some tutorials easier, the session instructor may offer files for download or give preparation directions. Instructors will try to post on the Message Forum or SLP Message Forum at least 24 hours in advance so you may be prepared.

Please note that anyone may join a study session. You do not need to be a member and you do not need to sign up to take part. Hope to see you at a session sometime!

Beginner Classes Schedule - 2004

NOTE: It is not necessary to sign up for the homework assignments in order to attend the on-line sessions. All are welcome.

Tuesday, week 1

Introduction to PSP8

Download: None

Tuesday, week 2

PSP8 Basics and Options

Download: Here

Tuesday, week 3

PSP8 Palettes and Help

Download: Here

Tuesday, week 4

The Materials Palette

Download: None

Tuesday, week 5

The Tools Toolbar

Download: None

Tuesday, week 6

The Layer Palette

Download: Here

Tuesday, week 7

The Selection and Move Tools

Download: None

Tuesday, week 8

The Text Tool

Download: Here

Tuesday, week 9

Preset Shapes

Download: None

Tuesday, week 10

Effects and the Effects Browser

Download: Here

Tuesday, week 11

More on Effects

Download: None

Tuesday, week 12


Download: None

Tuesday, week 13

Scripts and More

Download: Here

Tuesday, week 14

Making Images Fit

Download: Here