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SLP Curriculum Guide #1: Mesh Warp Tool

The 'Deform Tools' are, for the most part, tools used to correct or fix photographs in particular ways. In brief, the tools we will cover in the next series of Guides include the following:

Deform Tools Icons
  1. The Deform Tool allows one to change the perspective of a selected or existing selection. A very versatile tool with unique options. Note: In PSP version X, the Deform tool is not visible initially and has been replaced with the 'PICK' tool which works exactly the same as the Deform Tool.
  2. The Straighten Tool straightens photographs so the perspective is looking straight at the object such as a building rather than looking at the object which is somewhat skewed.
  3. The Perspective Correction Tool fixes the perspective of objects that appear out of perspective to one of in perspective such as a building (initially looking down one side to looking square onto it).
  4. The Mesh Warp Tool is a very unique tool which uses a grid to fix perspective of sections of a photograph and has a number of unique options.

The Mesh Warp Tool is one of the more interesting and versatile tools that can be used to either create interesting shapes or fix some interesting perspectives in photographs. To learn to use this tool effectively does take time and practice but it is well worth the effort.


  1. Broadly, there are two ways to use the Mesh Warp Tool:
    • To Distort images/pictures. Distorting images creates a new and unique, often interesting, result.
    • To Change Perspective of images/pictures. After using another of the Distort Tools, one might need to use the Mesh Tool to enhance or fix perspective of objects in the image/picture.
  2. The two key options are the Horizontal and the Vertical settings for the mesh itself. The Mesh Grid governs how much or little of the area that will be distorted. The larger the grid settings the smaller the area that can be distorted or changed. The smaller the grid settings the larger the area that can be distorted.
  3. To distort, grab a handle and drag it. Handles will only drag between one grid line and an adjacent grid line. One can drag in any direction.
  4. Using the SHIFT key, when dragging the whole line will drag in a straight line. One can drag up/down or left/right.
  5. Using the CONTROL key, when dragging the handle will able to be moved to the next adjacent line and on either side a curved line can be produced. One can drag up/down or left/right.
  6. To fix perspective of an object, such as illustrated by Tutorial where various Distort tools are used, using an extracted area to fix rather than the whole image and once fixed to add it back to the main image is a technique that one can learn. Keys to this enhancement technique are to use a large gird number for both horizontal and vertical settings, and working slowly and observing the perspective created after each attempt. Also the Ctrl+Z (Undo) becomes a real major friend.
  7. The other Mesh Grid options are of lesser importance though one can certainly explore them and/or use the Help to read about them.


Taken from the tutorial listed above, the Window Frame was used. Step one was to isolate the window from the original, then using Correction Perspective straighten it, and then isolating the inside window panes, fix the perspective with the Mesh Warp Tool.

The grid itself was large values for Horizontal and Vertical settings in order to fix small areas one at a time. Also, to fix the left side of the inner window, the left side was captured and then added (with a mirror effect used) to make the inner window look more real.



  1. When completing a tutorial or series of tutorials, and having placed them upon your web page, post in the SLP Forum your completed work using this layout:
    • a. Name or Screen Name.
    • b. Web Site URL.
    • c. Version of PSP using.
    • d. List of Tutorials completed.
  2. From exploration of using any of the Deform Tools on images and/or photographs post some of your results and or comments in response to the exercises.
    • a. Indicate what you did so others can duplicate.
    • b. Indicate what option values.
    • c. Add comments on your results and findings of interest.
    • d. Share your questions and comments in the SLP Forum and your graphic results in the member Gallery SLP Album as well as in the Forum.


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