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FAQ - Using the Forum   Created by: Prof


The PSPUG Forum or Message Board is one of the more active resources of PSPUG. Members are able to post questions and answers related to various versions of PSP as well as to various levels of knowledge about using PSP. Members also provide assistance to other PSP and computer related questions.

The Board is organized by Forums (categories) for a quicker access to an area of interest by the member. The following FAQ will provide some information to How to Use the Forum.

  • Do I need to Register? Index
       From Admin:     No. Guests may view the various boards, read and answer threads. However, they will not have access to certain member features including a Member Area to set various profile options, themes or skins for the forum, and ability to contact by Private Messaging other members.
  • Why is there a separate registration for the Forum? I have already signed up for the main PSPUG site. Index
       From Admin:    The Forum is a separate program and requires a separate registration. HOWEVER, one may use the same information used when signing up with PSPUG. (Note: Separate registrations are also required for the Blog, Activity Gallery, and Web Chat.)
  • How is the Board Organized and How do I select which Board to Use? Index
       From Admin:     Currently there are seven Boards (Announcements, Test Forum, Help and Discussion Forum, Activity Center Forums, Showcase, Library, and Staff Forum). Members and guests may view all forums (except the Staff Forum) and may post questions/answers in all forums (except announcements and staff).

    Members should select the Board and Forum which most closely describes their question and/or comment. When posting questions in using PSP or tutorials or other related PSP questions it is very helpful if members will indicate the version of PSP they are using. Index

    THE BOARDS Index
        ANNOUNCEMENTS: This board has four Forums:
          READ ME FIRST: This forum is for new users of the Forum and is a must read as it contains information on how to best use the forum including PSPUG policy for posting, image size information, information on frequently asked questions such as using Fonts, Tubes, Plugins, Avatars, Signatures, and other basic help information. Members are NOT to post to this forum as it is an information only forum.
          ANNOUNCEMENTS: This forum is for periodic announcements that related to issues regarding the use of the Forum, Forum problems, Resources, Information on Viruses or other alerts members may find useful, and the Link to our Affiliate PlusPSP which has a number of additional resources. Members are NOT to post in this forum as it is also an information only forum.
          BOARD ISSUES: On occasion there have been problems with the board due to circumstances beyond the control of administration. Administration will post here when such an issue exists.
          POLLS: The main PSPUG Forum Polls are listed here.

       TEST FORUM: This Board is for members to test out using various options such as how to use B-Code to highlight messages, to use links, to display graphics, to test signatures and avatars and other Forum Options. General PSP Questions are not responded to in this forum and may be moved to the appropriate forum by administration. Index

        HELP and DISCUSSION FORUM: This Board is the main board for Help and Discussion for members. Members post questions in an appropriate Forum and other members answer those questions. Index
           CHAT ROOM: is a place for members to just chat and socialize and have fun.
           NEWBIE HELP: is the forum for new users of PSP to get help. When posting a question please indicate what VERSION of PSP is being used to help members who respond to respond with information relevent to the version.
           GENERAL DISCUSSION: is the forum for all members (other than newbies who have their own forum) to ask questions about using PSP, some related Computer issues, and other PSP related questions.
           PSP V10 EVALUATION FORUM: was set up when PSP version 10 came out to provide some initial information on that version of PSP.
           PHOTO WORKSHOP & DISCUSSIONS: is the forum for asking questions related to using and enhancing photographs. Often there are good discussions of various topics related to photography.
           ANIMATION SHOP: is the forum for questions related to using the Animation Shop program.
           HTML DISCUSSION: is the forum for questions related to using HTML in web pages.

        ACTIVITY CENTER FORUMS: has two forums related to the SLP (Self Learning Program) and ComAct (Community Activities) which members may participate and then post their homework and other activity work. Index
           SELF LEARNING PROGRAM: The SLP is a nine or ten month activity where members use a monthly curriculum related to learning and using PSP. The Curriculum is organized for beginners and more experienced users and is organized in part for version 7 - 10. There is also a challenge section.        Curriculums are posted here (as well as on the main PSPUG site) and members who wish may post their homework here (and in the Activity Gallery if they wish) so other members may view their work. Members need a web site where they first post their work and then use a Link to their homework. Also, questions related to the curriculum are able to be posted here for help. All members who participate in the SLP also have access to a facilitator who will assist and review work and award ribbons. There are documents in this forum that detail the SLP program.
           COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES DISCUSSION: is current inactive but is another PSPUG activity that members often use to have access to a series of tutorials that extend the SLP experience. Members who participate in ComAct may also post their work in this forum as well as in the Activities Gallery.

        SHOWCASE FOR MEMBERS: is the board for members to post any work they wish other members to view. Often members post images and photography work. Members are also able to post their work in the Activities Gallery. Index

        LIBRARY: This board is set up to provide information and resources for PSP including Books, Tutorials and
    Tips, Scripts, Downloads, and the Archives and FAQ. Members may post any of there recommendations in these
    threads or forums. Index

        STAFF FORUM: is a password protected forum for staff and volunteers who work with PSPUG. Index


  • What are the Buttons at the top for and How do I use them? Index (To be written)


  • How do I use the Search Feature of the Board to find answers to questions or postings by authors? Index (To be written)


  • How do I use the Member Center to edit my information, to set my signature, or to change the Theme? Index (To be written)


  • How do I use the Calendar? Index (To be written)


  • How do I quickly access specific boards quickly? Index (To be written)


  • How do I send Private Messages? Index (To be written)


  • Can I set preferences for how I use the board and how it will look? Index (To be written)


  • What are Avatars and How do I use them? Index (To be written)


  • How do I use Smilies in my posts? Index (To be written)


  • How do I post images in my posts? And, how do I use other code (Blah Code and/or HTML code) to set links and urls in my posts? Index (To be written)