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Make A Nomination

Please use the form below to fill out your Nomination for the PSPUG Featured Site of the Month Award. After completing the form, press the SUBMIT button. To clear the form, press the START OVER button.

If you don't wish to use the following form (or if you have a problem posting it) you may wish to send your nomination to me via e-mail. If you send me an email, please be sure to include the following information:

  • The nominated site's URL;
  • The Name of the nominated site;
  • The e-mail address of the nominated site owner;
  • A short description of the nominated site.

Before nominating a site - please refer to the Award Criteria below: we cannot accept nominations for sites that contain avatar graphics.

Nomination Criteria

Sites will be considered for a Featured Site of the Month Award if they:
  1. Are owned by Members of the Paint Shop Pro Users Group (this is essential criteria) and display the PSPUG Logo with a link to us on their site;
  2. Clearly use Paint Shop Pro;
  3. Meet our Webring Criteria in standards (see the Webring Page for more information about this);
  4. Do not promote illegal activities of any kind;
  5. Do not display any form of nudity or linking to sites with nudity. These include sites with fantasy art, or any representation of the nude human form. This does not apply to paintings of an artistic nature, providing they are definitely artistic. The Paint Shop Pro Users Group reserves the right to decide between artistic and nudity;
  6. Do not contain any "avatar graphics" (unless they are strictly cartoon or animal in nature);
  7. Do not display any form of suggestive writing of an erotic nature not appropriate for minors to read having a 'notice indicating that writings (or links) of a Mature Nature';
  8. Have made a concerted effort to abide by and honour all copyright laws. Any site found deliberately violating these laws will not be considered;
  9. May be helpful to other members (for example, by providing tubes, tutorials, presets etc.);

Nomination Form

Your Name:
Your E-mail:
Site Owner's Name: (if different to yours)
Site Owner's E-mail: (if different to yours)
Site Title:
Site URL:

Please describe the site you wish to nominate.


All nominees will receive an advice from the Awards Administrator about their nomination (asking for their acceptance of their nomination), and at the end of each month - the winners will be advised accordingly.

Note: We will keep a record of ALL nominated sites, and while a site may not win in the month they were nominated, they may win in another month.