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Akvis - Chameleon
Reviewed by PSPUG Staff

OVERVIEW: Chamelion allows the combining of objects from various other photographs into a main photograph creating collages. It can also be used to capture selections from a photograph and transfer them to another area. It will blend the new objects into the original photograph making seamless additions. Various Languages are available for the tutorial.

PROGRAM: A 10 day free trial with pdf tutorials provide ample time to evaluate the plugin. It will work with Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, NT; Mac OS X is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro (all) and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

PRICE: $69.00

WEBSITE: http://akvis.com/en/index.php

INSTALLATION: Easy installation into its own folder. The PDF tutorial file provides detailed information for installing and registering the plugin.

ADVANTAGES: One of the nice aspects of this plugin is that pictures combined into another are automatically blended into the main picture so that the backgrounds of both mix together very nicely.

DISADVANTAGES: Pictures used for combining if they have a more complicated background will blend ok but one can see some background differences which may not be what one wants. However, one can use more precise selections then which will work nicely but take more time. This disadvantage is not a major problem.

REVIEWER COMMENTS: I found this plugin very useful for creating collages and adding components to another picture. I like the way the plugin automatically blends the backgrounds together. The process also changes to some extent the colors of the picture being blended to the background hues of the main picture. This feature though can be used to create some very nice and artful effects.

Also, the larger the selection used for the picture to combine the longer the process takes though this feature just ensures the picture is well blended with the main picture.

RECOMMENDATIONS: If one is doing a lot of collage work or combining of pictures together, this plug in will easily and quickly assist in the process.

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