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Reviewed by Victor Lage de Araújo

The first time I heard about flogger it was through a message in PSPUG message board. I went to the mentioned URL, downloaded it, and found an easy to use, light application to help keeping the info on how I made my images stored. It is a very useful utility if you're going to make tutorials on Paint Shop Pro.

Description: Flogger is a light, simple application designed to help logging sequences of instructions made in Paint Shop Pro. It is a stand-alone application that will generate logs in TXT format, so it can be used with both PsP 4 and PsP 5.

Cost: Freeware.
Jorgen has put it here at the PSPUG: http://www.pspug.org/downloads/flogger.zip

Platforms: Windows 95

Installation: There are no problems at all to install: just unzip the files to any folder you wish and create a shortcut to the program (to create a shortcut: just open the program folder, right-click the program, drag it to where you want the shortcut (might be for example your Desktop) and select "make a shot-cut" from the drop-down menu). The program won't create any files outside of that folder besides the logs you create. All it will do is use Windows Registry to store your preferences set. In order to un install it, all you have to do is delete its folder.

Function logger is a stand-alone application that will work whether you start Paint Shop Pro before it, after it,or not at all.

Features: It offers a user-friendly, simple interface, where you can either copy your logs using buttons similar to the ones in Paint Shop Pro 4, or use the edit box to type in directly your lines (like the settings in a plugin filter). You can run it with the "always on top" feature on or off (just right-click on the caption of the window to select it from the drop-down menu). some features (like a customizable function button) are yet to be implemented. Most of the features are really easy to use, and the program won't bother you even if you're low on resources, for it takes very few.

What you can do with the Function Logger:

  • Log all the steps of making an image with paint Shop pro, in "real time", using its easy interface;
  • Use the action buttons for ease of logging. All the buttons can be left-clicked for simple information, and some buttons have right-clicking menus for easily inserting more detailed info, like resizing option, chisel options, etc.
  • Directly type more complex instructions like the settings of a plugin filter.
  • Insert or delete instructions at any part of the log, anytime you wish to change them.
  • Use the logfile edit window (just click on the last small button. on the right corner of the window) to directly edit your logs.
  • Save your log files either as a *.txt file or in listbox format;
  • Edit later your logs, as you perfect your techmiques;
  • Create tutorials easily from the logs you make.

Ease of use: All the functions are very easy to use, and full detaliled information accompanies the software in a rich text format file illustrated with images.

Manual: Read the file: manual.rtf if you want a comprehensive manual.

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