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HTML Shrinker 2.0 Pro by Harald Heim
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

HTML Shrinker 2.0 Professional by Harald Heim is a superb tool for reducing the size of various web, wap and script files. The reduction in size means that your web or wap pages will load faster and they will need less web space and less bandwidth. This will help you save on the cost of your web hosting fees.

Description: HTML Shrinker 2.0 Professonal by Harald Heim quickly and easily compresses the size of various web, wap and script files so that the web or wap pages will load faster and need less web space and less bandwidth. If you use less bandwidth, you will save money on web hosting fees. One can choose to do only a page or folder. However, Shrinker will do an entire web site at your command. One should have the settings set so that backup files are made. Then the compression can be reversed.

Shrinker reduces the size of your web pages by up to 50% without changing their layout or function.

There are many options.

Shrinks various web, wap and script file types e.g. HTML, SHTML, JHTML, XML, WML, WMLS, CFML, CSS, JS, ASP, PHP and PL.

Shrinks plain html code, but also JavaScript, Php, Perl and VBscript code.

Respects comments from different html editors e.g. Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Pagemil, SourceSafe and leaves SSI commands untouched.

Various shrinking possibilities

Shrink files or folders directly from the Windows Explorer using the context menu.

Shrink files by using a script that controls HTML Shrinker or by using the DOS box.

Shrink to a destination folder and keep the original files untouched.

Shrink html or script code on the clipboard.

Simulate the shrinking of files and analyze the possible kilobytes to be saved.

Backup & Restore.

HTML Shrinker automatically makes backups of the original files.

Restore option to bring back the original files- including restore all in site.

Option to remove backups if they aren't needed anymore.

Clean up HTML documents

Clean up your html documents to make them slim for archiving or transferring them to your pocket computer.

Remove all images, scripts, styles, NB spaces or font tags to make the files even smaller if the layout of the pages isn't important.

Other Features

Sites menu for quickly accessing root folders of different web sites on your hard drive.

Command to display the html source code and to display and check the web pages in your browser.

Options dialog to deactivate or activate different shrinking options.

There is also a free light version. The light version does not have all the capabilities of the Professional verson.

Cost: Professional Version: $29.95; Commercial License: $49.95

Requirements: Hardware:
Pentium processor
640x480 pixel
8bit screen display 24 MB RAM

Platforms: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000

Installation: Installation is simple. One simply double clicks on the EXE file. The files are extracted and installed in the C:\HTMLShrinkerPro folder. The Help.htm is located there as well.

Manual: There is an excellent manual located in the C:\HTMLShrinkerPro folder where Shrinker is installed. It is named Help.htm. It can be accessed by going to the Help button within the program or one can just double click on it in explorer to read the information.

Illustrations: This page shows the results of a small html page that was shrunk.

Reviewer's Remarks: The program HTML Shrinker 2.0 Pro by Harald Heim is terrific. I tried it on some html pages and some javascript pages. It worked superbly both shrinking and restoring. (Just on the 98,000 bytes of the Xoom folder and its subfolder, I saved 13 kilobytes or approximately 12%. The reduced size would be about 86,300 bytes.) The ability to shrink/restore right from the Microsoft Explorer and to preview a "shrink" is a big asset.

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