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iCorrect Professional and EditLab
by Pictographics

Reviewed by Ken Greek

Color correction tools for PC and Mac.

iCorrect Professional 3.0 and EditLab 2.0 are tools that make the job of color adjustments and color correcting photographs a bit easier by providing a couple of different ways to approach the task.

System Requirements: OS: Windows 98, NT, 2000 or XP. (Professional supports 95 also)

Mac OS 7.1.1 through 9.X

Although the package specifies PSP7 or higher, I found that it works fine with PSP6.

Cost: iCorrect Professional: Download version - $89 USD. CD version - $99 USD.
iCorrect EditLab: Download version - $99 USD. CD version - $109 USD.
You can order these from Pictographics at this link.
Demo versions are available from Pictographics at this link.

Installation: To install the plug-ins there is an .EXE file on the CD. Running this installs the plug-in and related files to it's own directory in your program directory. You will then have to move/copy the plug-in to wherever you keep your plugins for PSP on your computer. (Bonus for those that care...the Mac installer version of the plug-in is on the CD also).

This Reviewer's Thoughts

What we have with these plug-ins are two tools that do pretty much the same thing only differently.

iCorrect Professional adjusts overall brightness and contrast as well as global color corrections based on "memory colors" and by analyzing the colors in your image. The brightness and contrast controls either increase or decrease by a factor of 10...holding down the ALT key then allows you to make adjustments by a factor of 1. Once you have adjusted these then you move on to color adjustments. iCorrect Professional comes with 4 preset "memory colors" - Neutrals, Skin, Foliage and Sky. Select one of these categories that needs correcting in your image then click on a corresponding area that needs adjustment. You can click as many times as you like till you're satisfied or undo if not.

You can modify the preferences for each "memory color" or create your own for a total of 10 "memory colors". The included PDF manual goes into great detail to explain how these "memory colors" are made, what they do and how they do it. A good read on color that is well worth the time and will be needed to fully understand how this plug-in works.

iCorrect EditLab also allows you to make color corections but in a bit different way. EditLab essentially bundles the color adjustments in PSP for color balance, white/black point, brightness/contrast/saturation and hue into one easy to manage tabbed interface. You can check each tab to allow it to automatically make initial adjustments for you if you desire or uncheck them so you start with the original image. Or if you get to a point that you'd like to start over, there's a reset button that discards all the adjustments you have made so you can start over again without having to close down the plugin. I don't know about you but I find PSP's habit of retaining the last set of adjustments infuriating so I find being able to start from zero quite enjoyable. And personally I find that using these controls are a bit more straight-forward than the controls in PSP.

One nice feature common to both plug-ins is that they have a nice large preview window to view your changes in. I find this much nicer than having to peer at your image through tiny little sections.

In the end it comes down to how much control you like to have. iCorrect Professional does a nice quick job of color correction but if you want to tweak it here or there I feel you lose that control. iCorrect EditLab on the other hand lets you tweak and twiddle to your hearts content till you get it just right. But, to be honest, you already have that power to do so right within PSP by using the color adjustment controls right under the "Color" menu. EditLab makes a bit nicer to use, at least in my opinion. If I had to make a choice it would be EditLab hands down between the two, especially if I were in a situation that I use PSP on a daily basis and doing a lot of color correction. Otherwise, learn the tool you have.

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