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Andrew's plugins vol 1, version 1.5.4 by graphicxtras
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Andrew's plugins vol 1, version 1.5.4 by graphicxtras has a wide variety of different effects. Each of the terrific 43 plugins has many controls which can create an unending variety of results. There are Wave plugins, Poster plugins, Edge plugins, a Frame plugin, Grids plugins, Lighting effects plugins, Randomizing plugins, a Mirror plugin, Slicer plugins, a Gradient plugin and Embossing plugins.

Description: Andrew's plugins vol 1, version 1.5.4 by graphicxtras is a set of 43 plugins which have a multitude of options available to create a stunning array of effects. The plugins include Edge effects, OpArt effects, LiftOff, Wave Opart effects, Wavey City, Rotate effects, Emboss effects, Shudder, Colour effects, Random Colour effects, Teethmark distortions, Reflections, Line effects, Colour additions, Wave distortions, Cutting distortions and more. The set also includes Inverse time, Randomizer and a new 'gradient' plugin, Colour Flow. The plugins include some additional threshold effects, posterisation and blurring plugins. With all the various controls on each plugin, the creation of effects is accomplished quickly. The presets are listed and then one can adjust the many other controls to modify the presets.

Cost: $11.95 -- To purchase this product use http://www.graphicxtras.com/products/andrewp1.htm to reach the orders page. If you would like more than one product, he has a bundle set up of all his plugins. See thePlug-ins Collection for more info.

Requirements: Paint Shop Pro version 5 or 6.

Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT

Installation: One double clicks on the release.exe file to start the installation. At first I let the program set up the plugins in a separate folder. Later I copied the folder into a C:\Plugins folder and directed PSP6 to this folder. It is working superbly.

Manual: There is an online manual included with the set of plugins. It takes each plugin and describes what is the function of the various controls. This should be a very big help in learning how to achieve the effects which you desire.

Illustrations: Illustrations made by the reviewer using Andrew's plugins vol 1, version 1.5.4 by graphicxtras.

Reviewer's Remarks: Andrew's plugins vol 1, version 1.5.4 are great. There is a wide variety of types of effects and then within each one, variables which create lots and lots of different images.

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