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Jungle 2D by DigArts Software
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Jungle 2D contains over 300 tubes of almost 50 plants and other natural objects. There are varying sizes and shades of many of the plants. There are also tree limbs and trunk images as well as tiling patterns and brush textures. This is a superb collection for creating the outdoor world. The tubes are quickly installed by drag-and-drop!

Description: Jungle 2D is a terrific set of Tubes of tree leaves, nuts, fruits and also plants, rocks and other images from nature. There are also images of tree trunks and branches as well as some texture patterns and images for making custom brushes. The tubes can be installed by drag and drop. Some of the tubes have a hard shadow and some a soft shadow. Which ones you choose will be determined by the effects which you wish to create. They are also sorted by sizes. If you have a tablet, one can use the settings so that the pen pressure changes the opacity. This produces very interesting results. By using layers, one can give a very realistic look to the images. There are descriptions and illustrations at http://www.gardenhose.com/jb2d.htm and the links given on this page. This program can be purchased at http://www.gardenhose.com/how2get.htm. There are also links to DigArts' other programs- Jungle 3D and Tubular Neon- on the home page at http://www.gardenhose.com .

Cost: Full Version: $49.95 for PSPUG members; Web Version: $14.95

Requirements: Paint Shop Pro version 5 or 6; There are versions for Metacreations Painter 3,4, 5, 5.5 and 6; Corel Photo Paint 7,8 and 9 as well.

Platforms: Windows 3.1 , 95, 98, 2000

Installation: Using the browser in Paint Shop Pro, one installs the tubes and textures by dragging the files on the cd into their respective files in Paint Shop Pro -ie: tubes, patterns, etc. The trunks and limbs are utilized by draggin them into the image on which one is working.

Manual: There is a manual on the cd with hints and illustrations. One is to pick the size image which you need when choosing the tubes. They keep their detail better than if you resize them.

Illustrations: Illustrations made by the reviewer using Jungle 2D Tubes, Images and Textures.

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