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Paper Textures 1 by Sapphire Innovations
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Paper Textures 1 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd. contains 1000 paper textures for Paint Shop Pro â„¢ 5 and version 6. The Textures can be used as Texture files, Brush files, for Retouch effects and they can be Cloned into the image. Imagination is all you need.

Description: Paper Textures 1 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd. is a superb collection of 1000 textures. These files can be used as textures in your images. Used as Brushes to paint on the image or as Retouch tools, especially smudge and push or as the object to be cloned into your images, the textures provide endless creativity. Use this http://www.graphicxtras.com/products/psptxt.htm to visit graphicxtras.com presentation of Paper Textures.

Cost: $19.95 If you wish to order this product, use graphicxtras.com url.

Requirements: Paint Shop Pro version 5 or 6

Platforms: Windows 95, 98

Installation: Installation is simple if you wish to install all 1000 texture files. One double clicks on the Release.exe file and tells it where to place them. I extracted the files to a directory I made for them. Then I can browse them and pick the ones I want to use at the time. All one must do to use them in PSP's textures plugin is to paste them into the textures folder. Then in the plugin, one can give the file a name in the save as box.

Illustrations: Illustrations made by the reviewer using Paper Textures 1 for Paint Shop Pro by Sapphire Innovations Ltd.

Reviewer's Remarks: Paper Textures 1 offers a wide selection of texture effects from which to choose for creating striking images.

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