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Plugin Magic by Sapphire Innovations
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Plugin Magic by Sapphire Innovations Ltd. contains over 900 plugins. The plugins vary and include color displacements, blurs, distortions, random effects, posterizing effects and more.

Description: Plugin Magic by Sapphire Innovations Ltd. is a terrific packages of plugins. There are nine packages of plugins which enable one to change an image in an unlimited variety of ways. Randomizing, colorizing, posterizing, blurring, distorting, displacement and more effects are possible with these great plugins. To see the write-up on the Sapphire Innovations site, please use this Link.

Cost: $30.00

Requirements: Photoshop Compatible Program- This includes Paint Shop Pro versions 5, 6, or 7.

Platforms: Windows 95, 98

Installation: One copies the "release" folder containing the 9 plugins folders into the plugin folder on the "c" drive or into the Plugins folder in Paint Shop Pro. Then one must rename the release folder to "sapphire plugin magic". Paint Shop Pro should then recognize the plugins.

Illustrations: The Original Image used for the sample picture on this page is the picture on the left on the top row. Illustrations made by the reviewer on the eagle image. There are 900+ plugins so this represents just a few of the many possibilities available.

Reviewer's Remarks: The Plugin Magic Plugins provide an astounding array of effects, distortions, displacements, color changes and more. They are easy to use and create great effects.

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