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Tubed 2 by Sapphire Innovations
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Tubed 2 by Sapphire Innovations has 185 single royalty-free tubes for Paint Shop Pro â„¢ version 6 only. There are a wide variety of tubes to use to decorate artwork or use to make buttons and special effects.

Description: Tubed 2 for Paint Shop Pro by Sapphire Innovations is a collection of 185 tubes for PSP 6. There is a wide variety in shape and color of the tubes. The they have been rendered with excellent quality. The results when you use them are sharp and clear. The variation of the size and step controls change the effects rendered by the tubes.

Cost: $19.95 ---- Here is the link to use if you wish to order this neat set of tubes! http://www.graphicxtras.com/products/psptubed.htm. They also price by bundles, if you would like more than one product. Use this link to see their pricing: http://www.graphicxtras.com/products/catalog.htm

Requirements: Paint Shop Pro version 6

Platforms: Windows 95, 98

Installation: Installation is easy: double click on the tubed5.exe or tubed6.exe file and tell the extractor where you want the files placed. If you wish to check to see if any of the files have the same name as tubes already in your tube folder, then extract them to a temp file and check the names. Then follow the directions in the manual.

Manual: A manual is included on the cd and can be installed on your harddrive.

Illustrations: Illustrations made by the reviewer using Tubed 2 for Paint Shop Pro â„¢ version 6.

Reviewer's Remarks: The Tubed 2 tubes offer a wide variety of fun effects. Their appearance can be affected by changing the size of the tube and the size of the step. If you want them to be similiar to a continuous stroke, then make the step very small or at "1". It was fascinating seeing what different things could be done with the tubes.

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