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Tubes Magic 1 by Sapphire Innovations
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Tubes Magic 1 by Sapphire Innovations is a collection of over 1000 tubes and 19 sets of brushes. The tubes vary from valentine hearts to balls to wild and fantastic shapes. Used as single objects or used to paint, they enable one to create wildly fantastic imagery. The brush sets when installed provide a wide selection of custom brushes. There are several brushes in each set.

Description: Tubes Magic 1 by Sapphire Innovations contains over 1000 tubes and 19 sets of custom brushes. Each tube offers many variations in rendering effects as the settings can be varied as to size and step. One can apply the tubes as a single object or drag it and paint with it. The tubes are on a cd and one can browse it to choose which ones one wishes to use. The brush sets are also on the cd. One just needs to decide how many one wants to install. The presentation by Sapphire Innovations can be found at http://www.graphicxtras.com/products/catalog.htm.

Cost: $44.00 Sapphire Innovations will bundle programs and give a discount. To see the bundles information, use this http://www.graphicxtras.com/products/photoshopplugins15.htm link.

Requirements: Paint Shop Pro version 5 or 6.

Platforms: Windows 95, 98

Installation: Using the browser in Paint Shop Pro, one installs the tubes by dragging the files on the cd into the tubes folder in Paint Shop Pro. However, in PSP5 one must get the proper .ctl description from the .ctl file on the cd and paste it into the .ctl file in PSP5. Always back up your .ctl file before making these changes. To install the Brushes, copy the brush folder and paste it in a temp file. Then open it and rename the jascbrush file by inserting the number- ie: JascBrush1.jpr. Copy this into the brush folder in PSP.

Manual: There are brief instructions about installing the .ctl file in PSP5. PSP6 does not need a .ctl file.

Illustrations: Illustrations made by the reviewer using Tubes Magic 1 by Sapphire Innovatioins Ltd.

Illustrations: Tubes Magic 1 provides wonderful tools to create or alter images. I also used it PSP7 by telling PSP7 to look for the folders in PSP6. The tubes and brushes worked superbly.

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