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Net Vampire
Reviewed by Victor Lage de Araújo

I was presented to Net Vampire from a brazilian friend, as inquisitive as myself. As we deal with chronic problems with our ISP's here in Brazil, we're always looking for a "best" FTP software. Net Vampire - as its name suggests - offers some interesting features, especially when it comes to dealing with difficult downloads.

Description: Net Vampire is an easy to use FTP download client, especially designed to handle difficult downloads, offering also an easy interface with your browser.

Cost: Net Vampire is a Freeware by Alex Shovkoplyas http://www.netvampire.com( 769 KB size file)

System: You can work with it under a IS-486-DX2-66 or probably even simpler machine.

Platforms: Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0

Installation: The program comes in a zipped file, and offers no difficulty to install.

Tip: Look at Shovkoplyas'page to see also a FAQ page. You can also suggest a new feature there.

Features: Net Vampire offers the user an easy to use interface, with featrues spetially designed to deal with downloads through unreliable connections. When compared with Ws_ftp 95 for a common (not particularly difficult) download, I got a similar time for the same file and time. However, it's drag-and drop interface does offer some advantages, besides the fact that it can start from where it stopped if you get disconnected (you don't need to download again from scratch). The program is accompanied by a help file, and you can also visit the FAQ page on the Web.

What you can do with Net Vampire:

  • Download files: From FTP servers, from HTTP servers or from GOPHER servers;
  • Restart download at current position for both FTP and HTTP protocols, if the origin server supports it;
  • Specify several files to download. Job list will be saved on program exit;
  • Set numerous download options individually for each Job;
  • Run several Jobs in parallel or one-by-one; Specify Job priorities to give more chances to some Jobs in one-by-one mode;
  • Start each Job at its scheduled time;
  • View histogram-like data flow representation;
  • View and save detailed or brief log;
  • Create new Jobs by dragging and dropping to the Job list window or floating Drop Basket: URLs from Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer;
  • URL shortcut files from the desktop or folders; or selected text from word processors;
  • Receive a WinPopup message on Job completion or failure;
  • Be notified automatically when a new version of Net Vampire is released.

Ease of use: Most of the features in Net Vampire are self-evident and easy to use.

Problems: I have used it for very little time, but it didn't present me any problem.

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