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Xara3D4 by Xara Ltd

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This animation is rotating side to side. The lights and timing were easily set in Xara3D. A texture and a tint were applied to the font.

One can make different images in the same animation. In this animation, there are three separate images used. The same lighting, colors, texture and tint were applied to all images in the animation. One sets the timing for each step of the animation. Back to Review

This animation used an imported WMF image. The smaller image was the same image imported but then resized. A Texture and Tint were applied. Back to Review

The Smile animation is set to pulsate in the grow mode. A texture, tint, color and timing were applied.

This animation has only the lights moving. The extrusion is quite long. Back to Review

The PSPUG animation above is set to fade in. A texture and tint were applied.

This button has a texture applied with a tint.

This button has a bevel option applied.

Here is a "Logo" image imported and animated. The background is transparent. The texture, tint, timing and pause were all set in Xara3D4. Back to Review

This image shows how one can apply different colors and settings to parts of the same text. Back to Review

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