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Rounded Buttons
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Rounded Button
Created by: Pinoy7

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To give our button a texture in the end, you can either use a texture of your own or download the one in this Attachment file.
Make a new image of 100x100 pixels, black background, 16 millions color.
Go to File || Preferences || General Program Preferences. On the "Rulers and Units" tab, set Grid settings to:
Units = Pixels
Horizontal Spacing = 10
Vertical Spacing = 10
Line Color = a light grey

Go to View || Grid to display your grid.

Click on your Preset Shapes tool:
Shape = Ellipse
Retain style = unchecked
Antialias = checked
Create as vector = unchecked
Line width = 10
Line style = Default line
Set your foreground style to Solid Color (click on the arrow in the foreground style box and choose the icon on the left) and your background style to None (click on the arrow in the background style box and choose the icon on the right). Your foreground texture should also be set to None.
Set your foreground color to White and your background color to Black.
Check the "Lock" option beneath your texture boxes so that we don't need to change all the settings again with the other tools we'll be using.
Hold down the Shift key so you get a circle and, beginning in the center of your image, draw a white circle with your right mouse button occupying 8 blocks. (When drawing with your right mouse button, you can begin a circle or ellipse in the center and draw out to the edges.)
Go to Effects || Blur || Blur More, then to Effects || Artistic Effects || Hot Wax Coating.

We should have a ring now.

Click on your Selection tool:
Selection type = 0
Feather = 0
Antialias = checked.
Again beginning in the center of your image, draw a smaller circle selection inside the ring.
Click on your Flood Fill tool:
Blend mode = Normal
Match mode = None
Tolerance = n/a
Opacity = 100
Sample merged = unchecked
Set your foreground style to Gradient (click on the arrow in the foreground style box and choose the second icon from the left), then click into the foreground style box:
Gradient = Foreground-Background
Horizontal = 30
Vertical = 30
Repeats = 0
Style = Sunburst Gradient (3rd icon from top)
Invert gradient = unchecked
Click inside your selection to fill with the gradient.

Do not deselect.

You can now go to View || Grid to blend the grid out.

Go to Layers || New or click on the New Layer icon in the layer palette to create a new layer.
Open a textured image (I am going to use "/tutorial/html/tut7eff/texture.gif" from the download for this example).
Set your foreground style to Pattern (click on the arrow in your foreground style box and choose the second icon from the right), then click into your foreground style box:
Pattern = texture.gif (or your texture image)
Scale = 100
Angle = 0
Click inside the selection in your button image to fill it with the texture.

Now deselect by going to Selections || Select None.

Go to Layers || Properties and change the Blend Mode to "Burn".
Go to Layers || Merge || Merge All (Flatten).

For a color change, go to Colors || Colorize:
Hue = 30
Saturation = 80

Here's an example of this button with a cutout text on it. If you want to know how to do that, go to this tutorial.