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Cropping a Photograph
Created by: WendiM

This page shows you how to crop a photograph in PSP to the exact size required for the FlipAlbum ® Photo Cover Tutorial - specifically to 360 pixels wide by 530 pixels high. These dimensions allow for an additional 20 pixels in length, which will be cropped off in the FlipAlbum ® Photo Cover Tutorial.

Tool Palette - Crop tool

Crop Area dialog box

Crop Area selected
Tool Options - Crop - Crop Button
In this first step, we are going to crop your image, so that it is 360 pixels wide by 530 pixels deep, with an aspect ratio of .710.

To crop your image to 360 x 530 pixels:

1.  Double click on the Crop tool. The system displays the Crop
     Area dialog box.

2.  Change the Crop Area settings to the following:

     Left = 10,
     Right = 370,
     Top = 0,
     Bottom = 530.

     We are reducing the image to 360 wide x 530 high, as we can
     afford to crop off some of the outside areas. We still need the
     extra 20 pixels in height (for the required flip alblum cover
     size) for the next step.

3.  After making these settings, click on the [OK] button. The
     system displays a "Crop Area" line around the area you have
     selected as your Crop Area. If you are using your own photo,
     this may not be in the right place to crop (as shown in
     my example image on the left, which would crop off too much
     of the young boy on the right!).

4.  To move your "Crop Area" to a suitable place on your photo,
     hold down your left-mouse button and drag the Crop Area
     over to the right and down some, so that it is sitting in a
     good spot over your image ready to be cropped.

5.  When you are happy with the area to be cropped, click on the
     Tool Options - Crop Palette [CROP IMAGE] button. The system
     crops your image to the area you have specified.

6.  After cropping your image, again save your image [CTRL+S].