General Information

In order for a participant to have a facilitator, participants are expected to have a web site and a URL that links to their PSPUG SLP page. Participants contact their facilitator by email for assistance and when assignments are completed. Their facilitator then will be able to assist with questions and to critique participant's work.

When contacting the facilitator please include the following information in the body of the email:

  1. Your Forum Username
  2. Your Web Site URL that links to the SLP Page and work posted
  3. Tutorial/lesson title
  4. When posting extra credit work, indicate the Title of the Tutorial, Author, and URL of the tutorial Your Email Address
Participants are assigned to Facilitators by their Forum Username. Check each month as Facilitators rotate each month.

Facilitator Assignments by Month

Facilitators - SLP Year 2005 - 2006
Oct 2005 Nov 2005 Dec 2005 Jan 2006 Feb 2006 Mar 2006 Apr 2006 May 2006 Jun 2006
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