Year 2005 - 2006



The Self Learning Programme is designed to provide both beginners and seasoned users of PSP tutorials or lessons that will enhance their use of PSP. Monthly Assignments are also Posted in the SLP Forum. Discussion and assistance will be provided in the SLP Forum, Blog and Web Chat by schedule. Participants also are assigned a facilitator who will be available both for help and who will review completed work.

1. Let's Begin - October 2005: In this month the theme is 'The Basics'. Developing a framework of understanding of the PSP program, its layout, toolbars, palettes and features makes one confident in completing various types of tutorials. And, then as one gains experience they find themselves creating great graphics and mastering photo enhancement techniques.

2. Continuing Basics - November 2005: In this month we continue with basics and learn how to create a new canvas and making images fit (resizing). We are setting the stage for the creating of backgrounds.In the SLP section we explore using the retouch tool, Chrome Effect and a way to enhance photographs.Our Challenges continue on how to create particular backgrounds.

3. Begin to Create Graphics - December 2005 This month we start to work with images beginning with backgrounds. In the SLP section we continue with the effects of a stained glass effect and aging photographs. The challenge this month begins to explore perspective and using the Deform tool.

4. Materials and Layer Palette and their options - January 2006: Explore the Palettes particularly the Materials (Color) and Layers Palettes which are the most frequently used palettes in PSP. In the SLP section we use various effects and techniques to create frames from masks, an air brush painting, oil paintings from photographs, and a glass bowl effect. Our Challenges this month include more on 3D effects of a realistic shadow and enhancing photograph edges with masks and a unique flood fill effect with masks.

5. Selection Tool and various Effects - February 2006: In this month we explore the Selection Tools, Various new effects and techniques, and work with photographs. The Beginners Lessons explore the Selection Tool and its options which are important to enhancing images and photographs. In our SLP section we continue to use techniques and various effects to create Blown Glass, a Sparkle tube, Note Cards and a Patchwork Heart. Our Challenge section works with photographs creating colors from Black and White photos and removing unwanted objects from photos.

6. Text Tool, Techniques and Effects - March 2006 This month we explore using the Text tool, the Eraser tool(s) to remove backgrounds from images, and creating GIF (transparent) files for use on Web pages. In our SLP Programme we focus on techniques for creating images including using vectors, creating one's own gradient files, creating one's own filters as we create a Golden Goblet, Bird House, Reflections in images and User Defined Filters. Our Challenge section focuses upon exploring different and various effects to enhance images such as a Spilled Paint, Painting on Canvas, Textures and a Brushed Metal Effect.

7. Brushes and Masks - April 2006 This month for beginners we will explore using the Paint Brush and Air Brush to create pictures. Also, we will explore how to import or customize brushes as well as using the new Brush Variance Palette for V8. In the SLP section, we work with masks and the Sinedot Filter as well as other tools and effects to create frames around pictures and create Easter Eggs. The challenge this month explores a number of PSP effects that alter and enhance images and photographs including the Bevels and the Deform tool.

8. Effects, Tools and Techniques - May 2006 The Beginner Lessons explore more on using various effects to create images and Tools that alter and/or fix images and photographs (various effects, deform tools).In the SLP section we create some very neat images including a chocolate bar with its wrapper, a classy compact and we start a two part covered swing image. Our Challenge explores making glitter fonts, a button mouse over for web pages, an animated rainbow and how to zoom on parts of a photograph.

9. More Effects and Animation - June 2006 The Beginner Lessons in this final month explore various effects with photographs and how to create tubes and a signature tag. For the SLP section we work with interesting effects finishing the Covered Swing, a quick and fun Watermelon and a neat way with bevels to create a melt effect for letters. For our Challenge we explore animation creating an Angel, a Snow Globe and a Blinking Eyes Kitten.

10. Summer 2006 SLP Staff are on Summer Break. These lessons are presented to provide those who wish to explore various effects, techniques and challenges some summer fun. The SLP Programme will begin again in September 2006.