SLP CURRICULUM -- 5. Selection Tool and various Effects -- February 2006 Back to Index Facilitator Assignments

In this month we explore the Selection Tools, Various new effects and techniques, and work with photographs. The Beginners Lessons explore the Selection Tool and its options which are important to enhancing images and photographs. In our SLP section we continue to use techniques and various effects to create Blown Glass, a Sparkle tube, Note Cards and a Patchwork Heart. Our Challenge section works with photographs creating colors from Black and White photos and removing unwanted objects from photos.

A. Beginner Lessons (Although oriented toward those new to using PSP, all users are encouraged to explore these tutorials for additional information on various topics.) In this month we explore the Selection tool and its options, including the use of the Tool Options Toolbar. This tool is one frequently used and mastering it will allow one to easily manipulate images and photographs.

  1. Editing with selection tool
  1. Tools Toolbar (Using the Tools Toolbar and its options)
  2. Selections and Move Tool (Selection/Move Tool and its options)
  1. Selection Tool (Using the Selection Tool)
  2. Freehand Tool (The Freehand tool and its options)
  3. Floodfill Tool (Using the Floodfill tool)
B. SLP Programme
1. Review the Beginner Lessons.

2. Tutorials: In this month we again work with various techniques and effects to create striking graphics. We create Note Cards, a beautiful and easy to do Italian blown glass object, explore how to create tubes by a quick and easy sparkle tube and finish up the month with a technique for creating a Patch Work Heart.

C. Challenge
This month we work with photographs. Adding colors to black and white photos and removing unwanted items in a photo are techniques that enhance any photograph. 2. Extra Credit: Select a tutorial from either PSPUG web site or any other web site or one of your own tutorials. Provide not only your completed work but a brief paragraph of the techniques used and give credit by listing the URL and the original author.
  1. Participants to have a web site to display their work.
  2. Participants work through the monthly curriculum at their own pace (no weekly mailings are done).
  3. Participants use the Forum, Blog, and Web Chat as needed to discuss issues, ask/answer questions and explore related information about using PSP per the monthly theme.
  4. Participants are assigned Facilitators who are available for help.
  5. Participants contact their Facilitator when lessons are complete for the Facilitator Critique.
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