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During the Summer our Staff are on Summer Break. We present the following tutorials for your pleasure to pursue as you wish. The Forum Continues to be available for your presentations and comments and questions.

Enjoy. -- SLP Staff --

V7 Tutorials:
  1. Changing Image Size (Changing size and its affect on quality )
  2. Index V7 Tutorials (Excellent tutorials for learning various techniques in using PSP)
  3. Index for Prof's V7 Effects (Tutorials for learning various using various Effects in PSP)
V8 Tutorials:
  1. Adjusting (Using the Adjust Menu and Colorizing with the Flood Fill Tool)
  2. Scripts and More (Using Scripts and other Features to enhance photographs.)
  3. Vectors 101 (Introduction to using Vectors)
  4. Vectors 201 (Working with Nodes)
  5. Vectors 202 (Vector Edit Functions)
  6. More Vectors (Heart) (Creating a Heart using Vectors)
  7. Creating and Exporting a Frame (Various tools to create and export a Frame)
  8. Creating a Frame Using Masks (Using Masks to Create a Frame)
  9. Offset Frame (Using various borders and brush variance palette to create a frame)
  10. Index for V8 Tutorials (Various tutorials on using effects, techniques, animation and other features of using PSP)
V9 Tutorials:
  1. Index for V9 Tutorials (Miscellaneous tutorials, Prof's lessons on using PSP v9 and the Art Media Tools)
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