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Job Descriptions

ADMINISTRATION: Apply || Back to Job Listings

Maintaining Quality through out this site requires constant vigilance. If you like to proof-read and report typos, dead links, out-dated content and get into every nook and cranny of this site please apply.

MEMBER AWARDS: Apply || Back to Job Listings

Collects Award nominations from our members. Sometimes required to visit member pages posted in the fourm and the Webring for nominee candidates. Allocates the awards to the winners.
This position is currently filled.

BIRTHDAY ADMINISTRATOR: Apply || Back to Job Listings

Collects birthday submissions, updates the birthday pages, creates birthday graphics, posts notifcations on the forum, sends birthday cards to the happy birthday boy/girl.
This position is currently filled.

CHAT: Apply || Back to Job Listings

Ped is always on the lookout for new chat hosts, including those for different time zones like Europe & Asia. Being a chat host will not interfere with any other duties.


This person would be responsible for creating new activities for the members to participate in. Examples may be found in the Activities Center under the Community Activities link. Other duties would include visiting the Community Activities Forum on a regular basis. Time requirements for this position: approximately 6 hours a week.
This position is currently filled.

CONTESTS: Apply || Back to Job Listings

We need at least 2 people for this area. We plan to run more contests on a regular basis. One of the positions involves creating the contest concept, securing sponsors, and running the contests. The other job in this area involves grabbing the submissions and updating the pages. Time requirement for these position: on average, 6 hours per week.
This position is currently filled.

E-CARD SECTION: Apply || Back to Job Listings

We will begin with standard greeting cards, but would like to see this expand and have members submit greeting cards for our use. It will be up to the team to develop this area into a vibrant section of our site.
This position is currently filled.


You don't even have to apply for this one! Our forums are very active at all hours of the day and night. No matter what your skill level is with PSP, HTML, Web Page building, scripts, and general computer problems, visit the forums to lend your experience to members who are looking for help.

FILTERS & PLUGINS: Apply || Back to Job Listings

We would like to create a tips and tricks and tutorials section for each of the major plug-ins (like EyeCandy, Blade Pro, etc.) and a general tips and tricks and tutorials section for the minor plug-ins and filters. We foresee having one person dedicated to each plug-in and to create a tips and tricks and tutorials section for it. We may even need to have 2 people per plug-in once we get it all sorted. It is likely we will need at least 5 people in this area.
This position is currently filled.

GALLERY: Apply || Back to Job Listings

We need 1 or 2 people in this area. In 2004 this section is being revitalized!

GRAPHICS CHRONICLE: Apply || Back to Job Listings

We are again getting our Graphics Chronicle to the stage where we will have a new issue quarterly. To do this, we need content. There are all kinds of materials that can be used for the newsletter.

The ideal volunteer will have experience writing for publication as well as being able to select material appropriate for the newsletter of the PSPUG. The Writer will be responsible for generating content and assisting the Editor. Knowledge of HTML is helpful, but not required. Willingness to learn is a plus.

LIBRARY: Apply || Back to Job Listings

There is a space here for 1 or 2 people, depending on what the area will evolve into. You will be searching the net for information about books to do with graphics creation, web design, etc. The problem with this section is that we have as yet been unable to find many publishers who will give us books to review ourselves, but, Amazon has given us permission to use their reviews when promoting the books on our site.
This position is currently filled.

MARKETING: Apply || Back to Job Listings

Our marketing area has two functions - one to promote other people on our site, and sell their products, and marketing ourselves to other sites to increase awareness. There are several opportunities here for people. One idea we had is just replying to guestbook posts and signing other people's guestbooks. For those of you who feel that you are newbie at HTML or graphics and are not quite sure what area you'd like to join - consider Marketing.

Part of Marketing: We need 2 or 3 people who can work together to think of ways for our site to generate income, and implement those ideas. There are a number of ways we can use our site to generate income. One is advertizing. Other ideas have been
  1. charging people a nominal amount to have their sites listed in our tutorials ection
  2. charging people for a feature link on our main page
  3. there was a suggestion about creating a page for featured links, and charging a small amount for doing so
  4. create a paid members section - this will require a lot of site and content building at first in order to give people their money's worth, but it is something we have looked at.

ORIENTATION: Apply || Back to Job Listings

The job is not difficult and can be performed by one person. The only problem with having one person in this job is that when they fall out, there is no one to replace them. We would like some input on what else we can do to help our new members feel welcome.
This position is currently filled.

RESOURCES: Apply || Back to Job Listings

We need people to scour the web for sites concerning tubes, brushes, presets, frames, etc. If you like surfing the web and would like to help build our resources here, please apply.
This position is currently filled.

SESSION TEACHERS: Apply || Back to Job Listings

The Education section is looking for more teachers who have the time to teach our online classes during the week nights and on Saturday night. We need 4 more teachers for our sessions. All lessons are pre-prepared.

Prerequisits: For those that want to teach do the following before you apply:

  1. Join the SLP program: You will find the information you need here: http://www.pspug.org/edu/slp/slp.shtml
  2. Participate in live lessons. You will find the information you need for that here: http://www.pspug.org/chat/chat.shtml.

You need a basic knowledge of PSP in order to be a session teacher. Study sessions start at 7:00PM CST and can go up to two (2) hours. Time requirement for this position: approximately 3-4 hours a week.

TIPS & TRICKS: Apply || Back to Job Listings

This area covers tips, tricks, and FAQ's for PSP. We would like to see a team of 2-3 people in this area, scouring the web for tips and tricks and would like to also create an extensive FAQ section, whereby the most frequently asked questions are listed from the most basic to the most difficult, and solving common errors in PSP.
This position is currently filled.

TUTORIALS: Apply || Back to Job Listings

There is room here for 4-6 tutorial editors as they will be rewriting tutorials for versions 6, 7, 8, and 9. The editors will most likely be working in pairs, as not many people have both version 6, 7, 8, and 9 on their computer.

We want to have every tutorial updated quickly. All the tutorials will need to fit our layout template.

SOFTWARE REVIEW: Apply || Back to Job Listings

We would like to expand our reviews section into other pieces of software - not just graphics related. If you are interested in doing Software Review we will need to know what kind of computer systems you have, and we will have you write up a review for a product that you currently own before we can add you to our team.

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