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Screen Capture   Created by: Prof


Screen Capture allows one to obtain or duplicate an image, picture, object from one's desktop or from a PSP workspace. To access the Screen Capture window use: File || Import || Screen Capture || Setup.

The Set Up Window

NOTE: The general steps used are to first set the options for the type of Screen Capture wanted, then press either the button 'Capture Now' or use the keyboard Shift + C. Next, dependent upon the settings for activating the capture (such as 'F12' in the image above) Activate Screen Capture and then Left Click the mouse to capture the picture which will be transferred to the PSP workspace for any editing wanted.

CAPTURE FROM PSP: To capture an image in the PSP workspace before the steps outlined above one MUST open a second PSP application so that two PSP applications are available. One then activates the PSP application that does NOT have the image to capture. After using the steps above in the PSP with the image wanted and the image will be displayed in the other PSP application.

    Capture Option = Area The Capture || Area Option allows one to draw a rectangle around the object want for the capture. After initiating Capture (Shift+C), activate the capture for the object wanted, (eg: F12), Click the mouse button at the top left of rectangular area wanted, hold mouse button down and draw (drag) the rectangle to bottom right corner of area wanted. Click the mouse button again to capture this area to the PSP workspace for any editing wanted or to save the image.
    Capture Option = Full Screen The Capture || Full Screen Option will capture the full desktop or screen which is captured when Screen Capture is activated (Shift+C) and displays in an image everything visible on the desktop.
    Capture Option = Client & Window The Capture || Client Area and Capture || Window Options work much the same way and initially one will need to view the subtle differences. Client Area captures just the client area of an active window while Capture || Window captures the active window. Just initiate Screen Capture (Shift+C), select the active window to capture and either the area of that window wanted or the window itself and then press the Screen Capture Activation key or mouse click to capture the image to your PSP workspace.
    Capture Option = Object The Capture || Object Area is used to capture areas within a window such as the buttons, toolbars, menu items, and other such areas. One initiates Capture (Shift+C), selects the window from which to capture an object, activates the capture (eg. F12), run mouse cursor over the object and when it becomes outlined click the mouse to capture to your PSP workspace.
    Capture Option = Activation Option The The Activate Capture has three options.
  • Right Mouse Click which is fastest option since one does not need to use the keyboard,
  • Hot Key which one can select from a number of Keyboard keys by clicking on the Down Arrow and selecting a Key to use,
  • Delay Timer and selecting the number of seconds to delay. The Delay Timer would be used when one needs to use the mouse cursor or other elements in selecting an image or process to capture.
    Capture Option = Activation Option The Capture Options one can set when at times when wanted is to allow the capture to Include Cursor and/or when one wants to make Multiple Captures
Using the Screen Capture is fairly easy though initially one may need to practice with the different options to see how they work. Once one becomes familiar with the steps to capture an image or picture either from a PSP workspace or from the desktop, Screen Capture is a easy and allows one to use the captured image in various ways (such as writing tutorials, sending images in email, etc.).