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PSP v10 Menu, Toolbars & Palettes   Created by: Prof

Toolbars are groups of related features and functions of PSP and allow easy location for accessing them. There are seven (7) main tool bars and two additional ones with an ability to create additional toolbars. The toolbars include Effects, Photo, Script, Standard, Status, Tools and Web. The Menu Bar is a standard bar for software programs. The Default Workspace displays the Standard, Status and Tools toolbars. Learning which toolbars to use and the location of its features takes time but in time one will find using toolbars becoming second nature. Click on a Menu or Toolbar for more detailed information. Additional help for specific items are listed as well in the main index.
Menu, Toolbar and Palette Index

  • 1. Menu Bar (Access to PSP's features)
    • File (The file management features)
    • Edit (Copy and Paste functions for editing images)
    • View (Various ways to view images and workspace)
    • Image
    • Adjust
    • Effects
    • Layers
    • Objects
    • Selections
    • Window
    • Help

  • 2. The Toolbars
    • Effects
    • Photo
    • Script
    • Standard
    • Status
    • Tools
    • Extras
    • Images
Menu Bar
The Menu Bar The Menu Bar is standard to software programs. Many of the features/functions are duplicated in Toolbars and Shortcut Keys. The Menu Bar menus are grouped into specific and related functions that perform particular tasks. To access a Menu by the Keyboard click the ALT key plus the underlined letter of the Menu. Menu items that are Greyed Out mean that that item is not available until some other condition exists (such as having an active canvas).

Menu Bar
The File Menu
The File Menu The File Menu is grouped into related File Management Functions. Items with an arrow have additional items or functions. Click on arrow to see them. Greyed out items are not available until another actions has been taken.
  1. Creating a New Canvas (Pops up the New Window)
    Opens and Closes a file (Saved image/photograph)
    Revert (to a previously saved image)
    Recent Files (A list of previously saved images)
  2. Save and Save As (created images)
    Tip: Use 'Save As' for newly created images and as a PSPIMAGE file to preserve your work for later editing and to preserve the quality of the image.
    Send (will popup the your email program to send the currenly active canvas as an attachment)
  3. The Print and Printer functions (Set up of the layout using templates or freehand to print an image or series of images)
  4. Import
       Screen Capture (Captures images from desktop, other applications, PSP)
       Custom Brush
       From Scanner-Camera, Twain Function, Plugins (Advanced functions)
  5. Export
       Photo Sharing (Advanced function to share photos via email)
       JPEG,GIF,PNG Optimizers (Preset functions to save images in different file formats and optimizing files sizes)
  6. Script (Advanced function for recording steps in creating particular and specific results that is then saved as a script.)
  7. Launch (Other Corel Programs)
  8. Batch Functions (Advanced file saving functions)
  9. Preferences (Settings for various features of PSP)
  10. Workspaces (Customized workspaces saved)
  11. Color Management (Advance function to set monitor colors as needed)

The Edit Menu
The File Menu The Edit Menu is grouped into related image editing Functions. A 'Greyed Out' item is not available until another action is implented.

Hint: Learn the keyboard shortcuts to speed up operations one will often use as they edit images.
  1. Basic undo and redo functions
    * Undo (Indicates last action and will undo it)
    * Redo (Last Action - way to see previous edit and current edit)
    * Reoeat Copy
  2. Specific copy and paste options dependent upon the type of editing one is doing whether for the whole image (paste as a new image or as a new layer) or only to a portion of the image as determined by a selection (paste into a new selection, as a new transparent selection, or into a selection).
    * Cut or Copy either the whole image or a selection
    * Paste as a new image to create a copy of the selected image or selection
    * Paste into a new layer on current canvas the image or selection copied
    * Paste as a new selection which duplicates the copied selection
    * Paste as a new transparent selection
    * Paste into another selection in current canvas or new canvas
  3. Clear (or Delete) the image on the current layer.
  4. Empty Clipboard (Since PSP will save steps or actions taken in creating images, the number of steps saved dependent upon the preference option set, the clipboard becomes quite full and may slow up PSP. Hint: Clearing the clipboard releases memory and will speed up the time for PSP to redraw edited work.)

The View Menu
The File Menu The View Menu is grouped into related view functions for the screen and images, for setting visible Toolbars and Palettes, magnifying an area of the image and for customizing workspace, toolbars, and other features of PSP. A 'Greyed Out' item is not available until another action is implented.
  1. Zoom (Enlarges or reduces the image size)
  2. Screen Edit and View (Ways to view currently active images)
    * Full Screen Edit (allows editing in the full desktop view)
    * Fill Screen Preview (allows full screen review of the PSP workspace)
    * Browser Preview (allows viewing active image in your browser)
  3. Rulers, Grid and Guides (Setting options for more accurate drawing in images)
    * Rulers (Sets a ruler along top and right side of image)
    * Grid (Sets a grid over the image and grid size set by options)
    * Guide (Allows one to set guides over the image for more precise drawing)
    * Snap to (Options to allow cursor to snap to a grid or guide set by options)
    * Properties (Options window for grid, guide and snap to functions)
  4. Toolbars and Palettes (Listing of available toolbars and palettes)
    * Toolbars (Listing of all toolbars and for setting orr making visible a toolbar)
    * Palettes (Listing of all palettes and for setting orr making visible a palette)
  5. Magnifier (Allows magnifying a section of an image for better viewing)
  6. Docking Options and Custimization (Ways to customize the workspace)
    * Docking Options (Setting an option allows moving the toolbar or palette around the workspace)
    * Customization (Preferences window to customize toolbars)