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Here you can see the shadow used. The shadows can be colored by drag and dropping or left black. The star was filled with the pattern from the picture on the right. The star edges were created with the bevel tool.
The circle shows the contour tool used to put an edge on the inside. The linear fill was used to color the octagon. The bevel tool was used on the star for the edge. The inner part of the star was filled from the lower right image. Different types of shadows were used as well as colors.

Here I blended two picture images using the transparency tool, added some text on a line, and then made a frame for it using the bevels tool. There is text with a shadow on five.
This image uses bitmaps, text with a blend and image copying.
Here I selected the flower, then blended the flower and the boat picture using the transparency tool. The frame is made with the bevel tool. I made the reddish frame using a fill from the flower. Then I placed the other image in it.

Here I made an orange from scratch. Below you can see where I put it on a table. I used the layers gallery, the fill tool, the transparency tool, the shadow tool, and the shape editor tool. The highlighting on the orange was created using some feathering, coutours and transparency. I have a lot more to learn. To see some terrific images, use this Link.
dino4gr dino4mar
din4red dino4yel
This image was created by editing the clipart dinosaur, adding the orange and some text. The background fill was modified using the transparency tool. The contour tool was used to create the border.


The Web Bar was made totally in Xara X. The program generates the html, makes the links for the buttons and makes the images.I have the top button linked to http://www.xara.com, the second button linked to http://www.pspug.org, and the other three buttons to some of the review pages.

Xara X uses slicing to generate the image for your web page. The linked stretching makes the buttons change size depending on the text. Xara X also makes the html for the rollovers. The rollovers are the changing of the buttons when you put the mouse over them.
The animation was made in Xara using their animation gallery.
These images illustrate some of the shapes the Moulds allow one to create. One can do it to images as well as text.

shaptoplf1 shaptopmid1 shaptoprit1
shapbotleft1 shapbotmid1 shapbotlft1

This is a sliced image of shapes and a "Blend" -from oval to wild star. Here they were put on a line. One can edit them individually if one wishes. Transparency was used on the blend. The bevel tool was used on some of the shapes. One can see the shadows applied. This image was sliced and exported with the necessary html coding.
This image uses a blend to go from the old airplane to the modern airplane. The text has a shadow and was put on a line. The bevel tool was used for a frame.
golftoplft golftop2 golft0p3 urlgoose golftoprith
golfbotrith ulrflag golfbot3 golfbot4 golfbot5

Here the image is used as a map. Xarax exports the picture with the slicing all done and the html written. One can see the vector sharpness of the lines when using the drawing tools. The fill tool and the bevel tool were used.

Here a line is used as a decorative frame.The line snaps right into the oval object. The green object outside I made with a line and then used as a brush. It created the gene-like things in the oval.
Various lines were used to create each item in the image.
This shows the Clipview- used in the circle.

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