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PSP4 & 5 Faq
Tips & Tricks for PSP 4 and 5

Here are tips for PSP versions 4 and 5 that have been collected over time. However, when you give this section a closer look, most of these tips do apply to other versions, with a little modification.

If you use one of these versions and you have a tip that you'd like to share with us, please send it in to tips@pspug.org.

PSP5 Tips

  1. How do I make a picture look like it is on linen or on a woven fabric?
  2. A background color tip
  3. Easy single-image tubes
  4. Exact placement of selections
  5. Pepping up an image
  6. Fluffing up a bad .JPG
  7. Use of the Control Key
  8. Testing tiles for a background
  9. Sharpening a scan
  10. I wanted to put the toolbar to the side of the screen and it disappeared. How do I get it back?
  11. Color accent in greys
  12. Adding Tubes to your tubexx.ctl file
  13. Customizing your toolbar in PSP5
  14. Pencil Sketch Technique
  15. Quickly deselecting a selection you've made
  16. Change the color of an element in an image
  17. Moving the toolbars
  18. Changing the opacity of a layer
  19. Moving layer elements
  20. Drawing straight lines in PSP5
  21. Quick fore- and background switching
  22. Promote to layer
  23. Saving a selection
  24. General fix it
  25. Saving image information
  26. Fixing edges
  27. Texture for a brush
  28. File Association
  29. What does resize & resample mean?
  30. Centering text or a new selection
  31. Cropping a series of images
  32. Keyboard Shortcuts
  33. I used to have seperate cursors for the different tools like paint brush, tube etc. All of a sudden I only have a cursor that looks like a + sign, and I can't get rid of it
  34. What font did I use on that image?
  35. Keeping them tubes in order

  PSP4 Tips

  1. Rounded shoulder in text in 3D look
  2. Customize toolbar
  3. Add shadow to text
  4. Cool text idea for a page header
  5. Transparent GIFs
  6. Read the Tips that come with PSP
  7. Converting values from PSP5 tutorials to use them in PSP4
  8. What format should I save my graphics in?
  9. I wanted to put the toolbar to the side of the screen and it disappeared. How do I get it back?
  10. How do I make the edges of my image foggy?
  11. How do I make my text run vertically?
  12. Undo Brush
  13. Transparent GIF
  14. Saving a selection
  15. Adjusting your colors
  16. Changing Colors
  17. Resizing a selection
  18. Moving a selection
  19. Zooming in and out
  20. Making a circle or square
  21. Using effects, filters, etc. on just part of an image
  22. Seeing changes to the big picture when you are zoomed in
  23. Quick Undo
  24. Does PSP allow font sizes larger than 72?