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Paintshop Pro is a very complete and rich featured graphics program. Learning all of its features and functions to both create images and to enhance photographs takes time. For the newcomer to PSP learning the basics is essentially that of learning to use the various toolbars and palettes complemented by the menu system. For the more experienced user learning the exotic features also takes time. In the end the result is having a very good basis for using PSP.

This help and faq section of PSPUG will provide one various resources and ways to learn using PSP and to answer specific questions. In searching for answers to particular questions the following are suggestions on how best to obtain the information being sought.

  1. Use the HELP section in PSP: Each versions of PSP has an extensive help section and is accessed by clicking on the HELP menu item. Many people neglect to use this resource become some of the answers may initially be too technical. However, if one disciplines themself to use the HELP section, often they will find the answer quickly so always check HELP first.
  2. The Quick Guides or Learning Center: Starting with Version 8, PSP includes Quick Guides or Learning Center which provide help with some of the basic functions. To find how to access this resource, click on the Help Menu and look at the contents or use the index feature to search for either Quick Guides or Learning Center.
  3. Tutorials: Again, in the Help Menu various versions provide a TOUR, and/or Tutorials for learning to use PSP.
  4. Support Center: Also in the Help Menu one can find a link for the SUPPORT CENTER. It is well worth one's time to explore the Support Center as there are various links for FAQ's, Knowledge Base (specific questions/answers) for products, and tutorials. Don't pass up this resource.
  5. PSPUG Hints, Tips and Help: This section of PSPUG's help resource focuses upon FAQ's (frequently asked questions). Even though the FAQ is organized by PSP versions, it is useful to check other version faqs as answers may well apply to any version.

    In addition to the various FAQ sections, a List of Links is included to various PSP users' help pages. Many PSP users spend a lot of time providing assistance to people using PSP and one will find additional help as they explore other users' web sites.

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