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Tips for PSP & Windows
Tips & Tricks for PSP and Windows

Here are tips for all versions of PSP and general tips for Windows. If you have a tip that you'd like to share with us, please send it in to tips@pspug.org.

Tips & Tricks for all versions of Paint Shop Pro

  1. Talent.8bf, the underestimated plugin
  2. Never work on the original graphics
  3. Text on a curve or circle
  4. Selecting a small object
  5. Replacing all instances of a color by another color
  6. Quick background tile
  7. Turning paper art into graphics
  8. I want to make a drop shadow behind an image. I hit select all, then set the drop shadow, and nothing happens. What did I do wrong?
  9. How do I make new papers/textures?
  10. Easy Metal
  11. Viewing background tiles in PSP
  12. Easy Screen Shots
  13. Zoom tool for precision work
  14. PSP keeps acting very strange
  15. Unerase
  16. Paste into selection
  17. Many of my menu options are greyed out, why?
  18. How does Hot Wax work?
  19. Using the color replacer tool
  20. Extra color picker!
  21. Chiseled effect
  22. Merging into the background
  23. Remember your background color
  24. Making thumbnails in PSP
  25. Fast preferences
  26. Changing colors of the whole image
  27. Previewing an effect
  28. Making round-edged boxes
  29. How to blend a part of a photo into the background?
  30. Good way to make it glow
  31. How do I center my text?
  32. Adding simple watermark
  33. When I make my gifs in PSP they look nice and clear. When I view them after putting them on a page they get spotty. What's happening?
  34. Is there a way to change your psp graphic to a JPG and still keep the transparent background?
  35. Removing the bands from a gradient fill
  36. Is there a way I can re-size a photo, and save it large ?
  37. Why I am only getting a partial fill with flood fill?

General Tips & Tricks for Windows

  1. Fonts to trash?
  2. Organize your windows
  3. Need help with anything PSP related?
  4. Can I make icons using PSP?
  5. Need Java on your website?
  6. PSP garbage in your Temp folder
  7. Keep your downloaded files in one folder
  8. How to get out of frames
  9. Keep your computer running optimally
  10. Browser back button
  11. Font installation: missing commands
  12. Starting ONLY Windows
  13. Keep your graphics small
  14. Organize your fonts
  15. Shortcut for creating a new image
  16. Know what fonts you have
  17. Using Javascript to close a window or go back to the previous page
  18. Adding space to your toolbar
  19. Making stained glass
  20. Unknown extensions in PSP: AOL users?
  21. PSP has taken over the file associations for the graphic formats. How can I give them back to the program I want them to be with?
  22. A valuable program in these virus-ridden days. Inspect the mail on your server and delete it without downloading.