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General Windows Tips
General Tips & Tricks for Windows

  1. Fonts to trash?
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    Those fontaholics amongst us, with hundreds of different fonts collected over the years, may well reach the moment they want (or need!) to clean up their fonts directory. You know, throw those unused and sometimes ugly fonts in the trashcan.
    Question is: what fonts can be safely deleted. Which fonts are needed by Windows?

    And, of course, you should also be aware that some other fonts may have been introduced by other programs you installed later, and may be needed for those programs to work!

  3. Windows tip
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    From Tom Gantek:   Tired of juggling Notepad, PSP, IExplorer, Netscape and Windows Explorer when creating a web page? Need fast access to the desktop? Right click on the taskbar to bring up some handy windows organizers such as 'Tile windows vertically', 'Tile windows horizontally' and 'Minimize all windows'. For those who prefer shortcut keys, WINDOWS KEY + M accomplishes the 'Minimize all windows' function very neatly.

  5. Need help with anything PSP related?
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    Now that you are here anyway, you should know we offer extensive pages full of resources, links to filters, tutorials and more. Just check any links from the main page to lead you where you need to go :)
    If you didn't find your answer there you should, of course, visit our own Message Forum. All our volunteers check there regularly, to search for questions in their specialized fields to be answered, and numerous Members will be anxiously waiting to solve your problems too.

  7. Can I make icons using PSP?
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    From A. J. Kleipass:   In every Newsgroup and Forum on PSP this questions is asked over and over again. And yes, you can make icons using PSP:
    1. I started off with a 2 color image
    2. up-ed it to 16mil, resized it to 30x30 (the size of the icons on my desktop)
    3. dropped the colors down with X-color
    4. Using SAVE AS (F12), I directed the program to my Windows > Icons directory
    5. Select Windows .bmp as the file type to save as, and enter a file name of myiconsname.ico
    6. The image was saved as an .ico file
    I hope you find this bit of info useful.

  9. Need Java on your website?
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    Fabio Ciucci of Anfyjava has made some nice java applets that you may download if you wish.. They're shareware, but can be used freely and configured with your own images. The only thing that's been disabled in non-registered versions is the option to make the image a link. Fabio told us that some images, especially jpegs, may cause problems if saved with any other program than Paint Shop Pro!

  11. PSP garbage in your Temp folder
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    From Hoods:   When you crash either PSP or Win95, your whole Undo log is left in the Windows\Temp folder. If you don't keep a check on this, you can soon end up with a huge amount of stuff clogging up your hard drive and sometimes confusing PSP as well. Go to c:\Windows\Temp and delete all the files starting with Und, and anything else that's left over there from other software crashes :)

  13. Keep your downloaded files in one folder
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    A real good idea when downloading things from the net is to have a specifically designated download file eg: E:downloads. Then everything you download you can put in that one file and you will always know where your downloads are. You can unzip your zip files there ... put them where they are supposed to go, and then delete them. In windows explorer, call up drive C, or whatever your main HD is, right click in an empty space, click on new folder, name it downloads and then direct all your downloads there.

  15. How to get our of frames
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    From Flyer:   Ever get stuck in frames and couldn't get rid of them. Heres a trick:
  • Put the following at the top of your page that loads when you sign on and open your browser.
    Stuck in someone's frames? Click <A HREF="/tips/yourpage.htm" TARGET="_top">Here</A> to get out.
You have to put your page in where it says "/tips/yourpage.htm". Anyone stuck in frames coming to your site can get out by clicking on "here" also if you are surfing and get stuck just click on "Home" on the browser menu bar and you are free of the frames.

  • Keep your computer running optimally
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    When you work on the computer alot ... your system will tend to slow down. One thing that can help is to regularly run scandisk and defragment. If you don't have a Utility like Norton or Nuts and Bolts, you can use the win95 supplied version at Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools. Run Scandisk first, then run the defragmenter. That should save space, and keep your system and programs in order.

  • Browser back button
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    When you are browsing and want to go back to a previous page. If you right click the Back button you will get a dropdown menu of your previously visited pages. Pick one.

  • Font installation: missing commands
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    From Mo:    Symptoms: When you open the fonts folder in Windows Explorer, the following commands may be missing from the Fonts folder menus:
    • Missing From the "File Menu"
      Open,Print,Install New Font
    • Missing from the View Menu
      List Fonts By Similarity
      Hide Varieations(Bold, Italics. Etc.)
    Here's the fix:
    • Start/Programs/ms dos prompt
    • At command prompt type:
      CD\WINDOWS then enter
    • next type
      attrib fonts +s
    • then shut down Dos and restart Windows.
    That's it. Go to your Fonts folder in Windows and check to see if you now have the option to "install new font".

  • Starting ONLY Windows
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    Sometimes you need to restart your computer due to memory or other things such as a program crash. Here is a way to restart only Windows and not restart everything.
    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Choose Shut Down.
    3. Select Restart the Computer.
    4. Here's the trick: HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY and click Yes.
    Windows restarts itself and nothing else.

  • Keep your graphics small
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    When making graphics for the web, the smaller the better. Always use 72 dpi and reduce the color depth or compression as low as possible to help reduce the size. Try both jpg and gif; see which one reduces the file size and retains the best quality. The rule of thumb is that jpg is for photographs and very complex graphics and gif for all the rest. Try and reduce the color depth of your gifs; they have to be at MOST 256. You can vary the compression level on jpg files when you save by going to options in the save dialog box. Up to 50 works well with most things; try from 20 and up.

  • Organize your fonts
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    From Willy and Keya:   Put your new fonts in a separate folder; it saves loading time. And you can access them by double clicking the font you want. It will come up in a fontview window. Minimize it to the task bar and PSP will recognize it. You can put your fonts in subfolders like Dingbats, Script, etc. and be really organized.

  • Shortcut for creating a new image
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    From Charith:   A Shortcut for opening a New Image: Instead of clicking on File, then clicking on New, you can use the shortcut to open a New Image simply by pressing the CONTROL key and the N key at the same time. This will open the New Image window.

  • Know what fonts you have
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    From Charith:   A Quickie:
    1. If your fonts are on a CD or disk, insert it into the appropriate drive.
    2. Click the Start button, choose Programs, then choose Windows Explorer.
    3. Navigate to the drive and folder containing your fonts.
    4. Find the font you want to preview and double-click it. Windows will display a preview window for this font and how it looks in different sizes. You can now print the page off and put it in a notebook, and install the font to your Windows\Fonts folder to use it now.
    Here is a way to print out all your installed fonts and then put them in a notebook:
    1. On your Desktop, double-click the My Computer icon.
    2. In the My Computer window, double-click the Control Panel icon.
    3. In the Control Panel window, double-click the Fonts icon.
    4. From the Fonts window menu, choose Edit + Select All.
    5. Choose File + Print.
    6. In the Print dialog box, click OK.

  • Using Javascript to close a window or go back to the previous page
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    To put a link on your page that will close the current browser window, enter <a href=javascript: window.history.close()> close this page</a> For a link that takes your visitor to the previous page he visited, enter <a href=javascript: window.history.back()> previous page</a>

  • Adding space to your toolbar
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    Suppose you're working with a tiny, old monitor on your computer. Suppose your toolbar is just too crowded with buttons, and you do want to add another one. Maybe you could just delete a couple of the unneeded buttons, and replace them with the ones you really use!
    Go File > Preferences > Customize Toolbar In the dialog box that pops up, remove the unneeded buttons. Suggestions?
    • Ctrl - C = Copy
    • Ctrl - V = Paste as New Image
    • Ctrl - A = Select all
    • Ctrl - X = Cut
    • Ctrl - Z = Undo
    These shortcuts are so easy to learn by heart, it's not necessary to also have buttons for them in the toolbar; you could replace them with buttons you really need.

  • Making stained glass
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    From Lisa Dunn:   There's a little shareware program made by Hufnagel Software, and called Symmetoy. It creates symmetrical patterns, which you can color within the program, leave black and white, or use the pre-drawn designs that come with it. It's very ease, and lots of fun, the results are very nice stained glass patterns, and it costs only $10. The shareware version can be obtained from Hufnagel Software.

  • Unknown extensions in PSP: AOL users?
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    From Kirk:   This one may be for AOL users only but you could try it in your own e-mail program.
    • The problem:
      I recently saved an image from a web page, and didn't notice until later that it had an .art file extension. PSP would not open it for me, and I did not remember the URL where I got it from.
    • My solution:
      I inserted the .art file into an e-mail and mailed it to myself. The AOL e-mail program converts inserted images into .bmp files. I saved the image again right from the e-mail, then opened PSP and browsed to find it. Now PSP recognized the file type, and I was ready to go 'play' with the image.

  • PSP has taken over the file associations for the graphic formats. How can I give them back to the program I want them to be with?
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    Let's start with .jpg:
    1. open Windows Explorer, and locate any .jpg file. Place your pointer over the image and single click the file, so it is highlighted.
    2. Press and hold the SHIFT key, and right click the image file you've selected. From the menu choose 'open with'.
    3. Place a check in the checkbox that says 'Always use this program to open this type of file'.
    4. Scroll and find the program you want to open this type of file with , and click to select it, now click OK.
    Sorry, you'll have to repeat this sequence for every graphics extension...

  • A valuable program in these virus-ridden days!
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    From CarolUK:   Eremove allows you to inspect the mail on your server and delete it without downloading it. I delete spam and porn without ever downloading it.
    1. Messages containing Badtrans are exactly 40K on the Eremove preview. They don't show as having an attachment, but the subject header is re and nothing else. They are often from someone you know. So if you see a message with nothing but re in the subject line and exactly 40K, delete it and you are safe from Badtrans.
    2. I did not realize what they were when I got the first two, and although they were quarantined by my virus checker (PCCillin) and I deleted them, any messages which I had seen on the server with Eremove as being later than the infected ones, never made it to mail program. Now that I know what they are, and delete them from the server, the rest of my messages download safely.
    3. I really recommend this program. You can delete all sorts of rubbish and never download it to your PC at all, including obvious virus carriers (Sircam ones have an attachment and a header something like 'I am sending this because I want your opinion), and the not so obvious like the Badtrans ones when the 40K is the giveaway.
    Eremove is freeware, BTW.