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PSP6 & 7 FAQ
Tips & Tricks for PSP 6 and 7

Here are tips for PSP versions 6 and 7 that have been collected over time. PSP6 is very similar to PSP5, so you may want to check PSP5 tips as almost all of those will work in PSP6. PSP7 is a little different, so PSP7 tips may not work in previous versions, but again, all tips for previous versions will work for PSP7, sometimes with a little modifcation.

If you use one of these versions and you have a tip that you'd like to share with us, please send it in to tips@pspug.org.

PSP7 Tips

  1. New features in this version of Paint Shop Pro
  2. To display or hide a bar or palette
  3. Zoom Tool for PSP7
  4. A simple way to create even backgrounds using patterns and textures.
  5. About the Style Tools
  6. How do fill text with a texture in PSP7?
  7. How do you make mesh.gif that was transparent at the holes to use as a table?
  8. I'm trying to create a gif button to blend in with the cell color.
  9. What I want to do is take a selection and apply it to a curve.
  10. I need a tile image to repeat in all directions to fill the background. How?
  11. I have 4 bmp's that I want to put together and make 1 long one. How?
  12. I'm looking for the best way to reduce raster images and photos to line art..
  13. While designing a background with a floral "left side" I noticed a split.How do you fix this?
  14. I have just got PSP7 and i have all my plugins (about 30 of them) in 6. Is it just a case of drag and drop?
  15. I am having trouble downloading and installing brushes.
  16. When I take a picture of an item in a plastic covered box, the glare from the flash can be seen on the picture. Is there a tool thet can be used to remove the glare? I am using PSP 7.
  17. I'm trying to find a way to get rid of a white background in a bitmap. Can anyone help?
  18. I have bought some clip art CD's so I can use them in PSP BUT those pesky backgrounds. These are in wmf & tiff. How can I eliminate the backgrounds.

  PSP6 Tips

  1. Text inside a vector object
  2. Text on a curve inside a circle
  3. Creating a tunnel in any image
  4. Colored embossed effect
  5. Deleting nodes
  6. Chrome text
  7. Preset images for sculpture effects
  8. Creating new patterns
  9. Centering text in PSP6
  10. Bring order to your tubes collection
  11. Merging Layers
  12. Gold text effect
  13. I'm trying to unzip tubes into my PSP6 tube file, when I go to use the said tubes I get the following message-: "The file *name of file* is not a valid picture tube. Picture tubes must be in 24 bit true colour and contain one layer with transparency". Am I doing something wrong?
  14. Is it possible to convert a PSP 5 tube into a PSP 6 tube? If so, how?