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Pot of Gold Pt 4 - St Patrick's Day Card
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Pot of Gold Pt 4 - St Patrick's Day Card
Created by: the Prof


This tutorial works with the Deformation Tool and tubes, and is part of a series which creates the various images that will be used in the On-Line Tutorial for Creating a Pot Of Gold and a St. Patrick's Day Card.

In this Tutorial, we use various images from the other tutorials to create a St. Patrick's Day Card titled 'Pot of Gold'. The Download File contains all images needed for this Tutorial, which is used as the On-Line Class Tutorial. We will use Gradients for the Background, the Deformation Tool to both alter the shape of some images as well as to create perspective shadows and the Tubes Tool to create the Gold Coins.

If you first did the lead-in Tutorials (Rainbow, Shamrock and Pot) you might use the Tube Tool when setting these images on the main canvas. The Leprechon is one I created and you may use it at any time.

If you would like to create the images rather than use the download, click on these links:

  • The Rainbow: (Describes Gradients, Creates a Rainbow Gradient and Tube File.)
  • The Shamrock: (Using Circles and Shading Effects)
  • The Pot: (Using the Weave & Sculpture Effects with shading.)

(This tutorial is written for PSP v.7 although many features are available also in PSP v.6.)


The Images

  • Open each of the four (4) PSP files and the TUB File from the Download or use the images created from your work during the previous tutorials in this series:
    • The Rainbow
    • The Shamrock
    • The Pot
    • The Leprachon
    • Gold Coins tube (.tub) file
  • Duplicate each image (not the Tube File) and close the original PSP files to preserve them.
    Use: Window || Duplicate [Shift]+[D] on a highlighted image. Then close the original image.
  • Highlight the Shamrock and resize it to about 50% of its size. The final size should be about the diameter of a nickel:
    • Image || Resize
    • Percentage of Original = 50
    • Resize Type = Smart Size
    • Resize all Layers = Checked
    • Maintain Aspect Ratio = Checked
  • Highlight the Pot and resize it to about 75% of its size. The final size should not be any larger than a quarter. (Use the same settings as above except change the value of the Percentage of Original = 75.)
  • If you do not have the Jasc Tubes and the St. Patrick Day tube set, use the file in the download with the following:
    • File || Export || Picture Tube
    • Cell Arrangement:
      • Cell Across = 3
      • Cell Down = 4
  • Placement Options:
    • Placement Mode = Random
    • Step Size = 200
    • Selection Mode = Random
    • Tube Name = GoldCoins
  • Click on Ok

Basic Setup

  • New Canvas: 300 x 300 pixels, Transparent, 16 M colors
  • Label the layer: BG
  • Set Styles Foreground = White (Solid)
  • Set Styles Background = Pastel Lime (227,255,227)
  • Flood Fill BG Layer with White
  • Create New Layer Labeled Gradient BG
  • Click on the Styles Foreground Arrow and set to Gradient (second icon)
  • Click in the Styles Box for the Gradient Window
  • Click In the Gradient Window, locate and select: Fading Spectrum:
    • Styles = Linear (Top icon)
    • Angle = 7
    • Repeats = 1
    • Invert Gradient = Unchecked
    • click on OK
  • Flood Fill New Layer with Gradient Pattern
  • Use Effects || Blur || Gaussian Blur with value = 25
  • Set the Opacity Switch = 40%M

Copy The PSP Images to Main Canvas

  • Highlight Each of the PSP Files
  • Copy it [Control]+[C]
  • Highlight Main Canvas
  • Paste it as a New Layer: [Control]+[L]
  • Label that layer
  • Copy in this Order:
    • Rainbow
    • Pot
    • Leprachon
    • Shamrock
  • When Finished you will have six (6) Layers with the Pot covering the Shamrock Layer. (Top to Bottom):
    • Shamrock
    • Leprachon
    • Pot
    • Rainbow
    • Gradient BG
    • BG
  • Close the PSP files as no longer needed

Position the Images

Use the Mover Tool and just place the images in these locations. Later we will refine their position. (Note: Sometimes, you will need to turn off the Leprachon Layer to move other images.)

  • Rainbow: Centered and Near the Top of the Canvas
  • Leprachon: Centered with the eyes about horizontal to the bottom of the Rainbow
  • Shamrock: Lower Left Middle about horizontal to Leprachon nose
  • Pot: Lower Right Corner with Rim just under the Leprachon pipe

The Leprachon Hat is over the rainbow. The Leprachon pipe will be at the Pot rim.


Deform the Rainbow

  • Highlight the Rainbow Layer
  • Click on the Deformation Tool Deformation Tool

To Use the Deformation Tool, Put Mouse Cursor on a handle. Hold Mouse Button Down. Drag the mouse to set the shape wanted.

Description of Operations:

  • Middle Handles: Will resize shape smaller or larger
  • Middle Handles with Shift Key or Control Key: Move whole shape right/left or up/down making it angle
  • Corner Handles: Like Middle Handles will resize shape smaller or larger
  • Corner Handles with Shift Key: Shapes just that corner larger or smaller creating a perspective.
  • Corner Handles with Control Key: Shapes both sides smaller or large dependent upon direction mouse is dragged.

General suggestions to Deform Rainbow:

Note: To see all the handles, use your mouse to resize the canvas until you see all handles. Doing so will not affect your image size.

  • Top Left Corner Handle: Use Control Key and reduce the size of that side slightly by dragging the handle down.
  • Top Middle Handle: Use the Shift Key and drag to the Right to Loop over Leprachon Hat
  • Bottom Right Corner Handle: Use the Control Key and increase the size of that side by dragging down slightly approaching the pot

Make Minor adjustments by using various handles. Use shift key or control key or no other key. Just experiment to get a rainbow that is small on left side and bottom about horizontal with the Leprahcon nose. Make Right Side of Rainbow to loop just under the top of the Leprachon hat and bring it down to the Pot with the Pot covering the bottom of the Right Side of the Rainbow.

You may also need to use the middle handle which will move the whole image. Move it down a bit.

When satisfied, first click on the Apply Key.
Then, set the Rainbow opacity switch to about 50%
Then, use Effects || Blur || Gaussian Blur with value = 2

Using the mover tool, now adjust the various images so the picture is centered to your taste.


Give Shamrock a Perspective Shadow

  • Highlight the Shamrock Layer
  • Duplicate the Layer (Right Click on Layer for Context Menu and select 'Duplicate')
  • Use Colors || Adjust || Brightness/Contrast and set Brightness to minus 255 ( -255) so image turns black
    • Use the Deformation Tool
      • Click on Top/Middle Handle
      • Hold down Mouse button
      • Drag down about 3/4 way or just about to the bottom leaves
      • Click on Top/Middle Handle again
      • Use the Control Key and drag right to about middle of left part of the beard
      • Click on Top/Right Handle'
      • Hold Down the Control Key
      • Drag Inward to Make Shadow more pointed
      • If needed, Click on middle/middle handle and drag left so stem shadow meets the green stem or click on right/middle handle and drag to the left
      • Click on the Apply Button.
    • Drag this layer to below the Leprachon Layer
    • Use Effects || Blur || Gaussian Blur with value of 3
    • Set Opacity Switch to about 50%
    • You might need to use the mover tool on the shadow to position it the way you like (You may need to turn off the Leprachon first).

Give the Pot a Perspective Shadow

In a similar way as with the shamrock, create a perspective shadow for the pot:

  • Highlight the Pot Layer
  • Duplicate it
  • Use Colors || Adjust || Brightness/Contrast (values set already)
  • Click on the Deformation Tool
  • Click on top/middle handle and drag down about 1/2 way
  • On top/middle handle use the Control Key and drag right
  • On the bottom/right Handle use the Control Key and drag up
  • Use Handles to adjust shadow to be showing to the right and a bit below pot
  • Click on the Apply Button
  • Drag layer to below the Pot Layer
  • Use Effects || Blur || Gaussian Blur (same values)
  • Set Opacity Switch to about 50%

Paint the Gold

Create a New Top Layer and Label it Gold.

Use Picture Tube and select Gold Coins. You will draw the coins starting at the top of the pot. You will also want to change the size of the coins. Start with a smaller size at first, then increase the coin size as you paint them flowing out of the pot and down to the bottom and to the left of your image. You will need to experiment with this procedure to get the look you want.

Use the Control + Z (Undo) to undo anything you don't like and just paint again.

When you are satisfied with the look of the coins, give them a more gold look using Effects || Texture Effects || Sculpture and using the Gold Preset.

  • Use Picture Tube and select Gold Coins
  • Begin with Scale size about 20 (Leave Step at 150)
  • Paint a few coins in the pot and around the rim
  • Then increase Scale to about 25 and paint some more moving outside and down toward bottom and left of image
  • Increase Scale to about 30 and continue.
  • Increase Scale again by 5 and paint and continue increase until you reach a scale of 50 and coins to the bottom and left.
  • Use Control + Z to undo any and paint again
  • When satisfied, Use Effects || Texture Effects || Sculpture
  • Set to the Gold Preset at least twice

Create the Text Message

In a final enhancement we will create a Text Message and use a very simple technique to give it the appearance of curved text.

  • Create a New Top Layer labeled 'Text'
  • Use the Text Tool and click in Center of Canvas:
    • You will need to experiment with the Font Type (Name) and Font Size.
      I used Arioso with a size of 36
    • Set Stroke = Null
    • Set Fill = Linear Gradient
    • Select the Cyan-Magenta-Yellow Pattern
    • Set Angle = 90 and Repeats = 0
    • Text Massage = Pot Of Gold
    • Set it as Floating and have Antialias Checked
    • Click on Ok
  • Center Text in Middle of Canvas (Click on Text and Hold Mouse button Down and drag to position wanted)
  • Then Defloat it
    (Right Click on the Floating Section and Select 'Defloat')
  • Then Deselect (Control + D)
  • Then use Effects || Geometric Effects || Punch with a value of 50
  • Then use Effects || Geometric Effects || Circle
  • Use the Mover Tool and move text to top of canvas
  • Duplicate the Text Layer and set the Mode Option to 'Screen'
  • Lower the Opacity of the Text Layer to 50%

Save Your Image

Save the image as a PSP file so you can work it or add other enhancements.

To use the image, First, Flatten it: Layers || Merge All
Then Save it as a GIF file.

-- Have Fun and Enjoy -- :o)

The Other Tutorials:

  • The Rainbow: (Describes Gradients, Creates a Rainbow Gradient and Tube File.)
  • The Shamrock: (Using Circles and Shading Effects)
  • The Pot: (Using the Weave & Sculpture Effects with shading.)