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The following links take you to tutorials that have been written for the PSPUG Tutorial Writer. These are revamped documents, taking into consideration the new server, changes to the tutorial template and new uploading instructions.

To download copies of ALL the documents, click here (602kb).

If you have any enquiries as to the application of any of these, please contact


This document explains the general overview of writing a tutorial using the PSPUG Tutorials Tremplate and styles. It introduces you to the:


This is the actual template (current version = tuttemplate_v3.htm) to be used in all tutorial writing. It is an example document only.

  • To view the template as it appears as a document, go here
  • .
  • To download the template, click here. After downloading this zip file, extract the file and open it in Notepad to view the code.


These are the instructions for completing a tutorial following the PSPUG Tutorial template (current version = instructions_v3.htm). All of these instructions have been included as comments within the template code itself, but you may prefer to view them on screen or print this document as you commence writing a tutorial.

The instructions mainly deal with the top section of the tutorial code in the tuttemplate_v3.htm document, in which you need to make various changes according to your tutorial name and its content.

The rest is divided into the tutorial rows - each containing 2 cells (the image cell and the instruction cell). Each row is divided by a Separator Row - of a specified height - so that all of our tutorials have the same look and feel.


This document teaches you the best way to create images for a tutorial. It specifically talks about the reduction of the size of your images for a tutorial, and we ask that you follow these guidelines carefully to conserve our tutorial server space.

The Tutorial Image Creation document includes:

Please note - this last section shows you how to name your document, images, and the two (if required) download files.


This document displays our 'shared' images and their HTML code (to be inserted in your tutorial document).


This document displays the tut.css stylesheet, and includes a description of each of the styles to be used in our tutorials.


The Tutorials sections has its own sub-domain on the PSPUG site. This means that uploading is slightly different from standard uploading to the normal PSPUG site.

This page explains the new uploading procedure for transferring files onto our sub-domain.

Should you have any queries about any of these instructions, please contact the Tutorials Coordinator on