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Welcome to the PSPUG Graphics Chronicle
Fall, 2004


Welcome to the fall edition of PSPUG's Graphics Chronicle. There are many new developments since our last edition, many exciting resources and many new faces.

Bad News & Good News

First the Bad News: Many of our members will not receive or see this issue of the Chronicle in a timely fashion because attempting to use our mailing list produced a wave of spam complaints almost causing PSPUG to lose it's account.

Now, the Good News: As an alternative approach, we are using a program to create the PSPUG Blog, a daily, weekly, monthly set of articles oriented toward the happenings at PSPUG. And, over time hopefully our membership will learn of the blog and find it a new and exciting way to stay up to date on all that happens with us.
More below.

In Recognition:

Our heartfelt thanks and a fond farewell to Vianne (aka Kawligia) who has been PSPUG's director of PSPUG for many years. Her leadership, unending devotion to ensuring PSPUG remained up and running, her ability to have sponsors join in to help support the cost of running PSPUG and her many behind-the-scenes activities has made PSPUG one of the best sites on the web for learning about, using and enjoying Paint Shop Pro. Vianne has moved on to other things so we want to wish her all the success in the world and to thank her for all she has done for PSPUG.

The volunteer staff have been working very hard all year long, even though we ask them to take some time off to enjoy the summer. We have some new and exciting tutorials available for our Self Learning Program. Our Photo Workshop is again up and running as is our members Gallery. And, the opportunity of members to submit graphics used on our home page has been a most exciting activity. I am always amazed at the incredible talent of our members. And, I am so very appreciative of our volunteer staff for their diligence and hard work and devotion to PSPUG.

Again, I invite all not only to continue to explore our PSPUG site, and our Forum, explore our Blog. And, we look forward to your participation.

Enjoy as always.

-- Prof --
Robert Behrens
PSPUG Director of Operations


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What's News:

PSPv9: As many of you are aware, Jasc has come out with PSP version 9 which has some new and exiting features. The Art Media Features are a neat way to paint and to use brushes and palettes that are very close to what one uses when they paint with oils. In short order we will have some PSP v9 tutorials available for our membership as well.

Special Upgrade Offers: PSP 9 | Paint Shop Pro Studio

New Host: PSPUG is now housed with HostingWithUs which provides the servers and supports for our website. The new host provides a number of extra resources which we are exploring in order to bring additional activities and opportunities for our membership to enjoy.

Search Engine: We now have a search engine located on our main page that can find keywords (for authors, articles, tutorials, etc). We hope this resource will make accessing our site a bit easier. Check it out and I think you will find it very beneficial to our site.

Blog: As indicated above, we are now sponsoring a Blog. This adventure is our newest one at this point and we are learning how to use it, how to provide relevant articles and commentary related to using PSP and other features available. We hope all our membership will find the Blog most beneficial. It is also possible to use RSS feeds to receive links to the articles posted on our Blog.

You need an RSS program and just enter this URL:

RSS readers are the new wave of allowing members to receive newsletters via the Internet without any of the problems of SPAM. You can see the different versions of downloadable readers and check out their ratings here:

Webspace: If you look carefully, you will also see that we have a new site or webspace which will house some of the additional resources such as our blog and in time our Forum. And, as additional programs that may be useful to our membership become available to us, they will be placed on this site.

Another new resource we are developing and should be able to offer by the time this chronicle is sent out is that PSPUG again will provide Web Space for our members who participate in our various activities and do not have a place to use for their art and homework. We will be able to offer sufficient web space along with domain registration so that their space will be uniquely identified and offer all this for a very reasonable annual fee.

Forums: We also have a new Forum program we are using which has allowed us to set up additional forums and provide an overall index page to all forums. Of course, the most active forum is our General Help forum where many people post questions and many of our membership provide excellent help and responses. If you have not used or seen our forum check it out here.

New Partner: As many may know by now, PSPUG has developed an affiliation with Plus PSP. The two sites provide links to one another's web site and forums so that our respective memberships have additional resources available to enjoy our favorite graphics program. Great Prizes. And, while talking about Plus PSP we want to extend a great warm thank you to Michel who for many years sponsored our PSPUG forums.


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Do you battle to find LARGE collections of QUALITY tubes ?

We have a selection of more than 3300 tubes in 63 themes - and growing all the time.

Professionally hosted on a fast, dedicated server. More than 100 000 downloads each month make us a PREMIER SITE to visit for tubes.

All tubes are made by us, and are of EXCELLENT quality and cleanliness. All are PSP6, PSP7 and PSP8 compatible.

Don't just take our word for it though - CLICK HERE and judge for yourself. We look forward to having you visit with us.


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Corel Purchases Jasc Software, Inc

"To Valued Jasc Customers,

We are very pleased to share some exciting news with you that will deliver immediate benefits to valued Jasc customers. Corel Corporation, one of the industry's top ten packaged software vendors, today acquired Jasc Software, Inc.

This acquisition will yield real benefits to all Paint Shop customers. We intend to put the powerful R&D resources of the newly-combined companies behind the popular Paint Shop family, ensuring that next-generation Paint Shop products will continue to flourish. Finally, we will continue to provide service and support to all Paint Shop customers. Our primary goal is to ensure that your critical needs are effectively met." More...

In case you missed them, here are some other great products for use with PSP from Jasc.com

PAINT SHOP XTRAS: Photo Album Series
Hundreds of New Book and Album Page Templates Now Available to Scrapbookers

(10/11/2004) – Jasc Software, Inc. announced today the release of the Paint Shop™ Xtras™ – Photo Album templates series. A fun yet powerful resource for traditional and digital scrapbookers, these templates allow users to build scrapbooks in minutes when used in conjunction with Paint Shop™ Photo Album™ 5.

Novice digital photographers and those with little spare time now have hundreds of templates available to create a wide variety of album pages that can be saved, printed, or turned into a hardcover book. With the Xtras Photo Album page templates, creating an elaborate digital scrapbook or thematic photo album is no longer a time-consuming project. Just drag photos into the album page templates and add your own captions or journal entries. More...

PAINT SHOP XTRAS: Scrapbooking Editions
New Series Provides Ready-to-Use Scrapbooking Resources for Print or Digital Layouts

(5/27/2004) – Jasc Software, Inc. announced today the release of the Paint Shop™ Xtras™ - Scrapbooking Edition series. A powerful resource for traditional and digital scrapbookers, Paint Shop Xtras Scrapbooking Edition consists of seven CDs featuring hundreds of templates, background papers and embellishments with different themes to fit every occasion.

Paint Shop Xtras - Scrapbooking Edition allows digital and traditional scrapbookers to preserve their most precious moments and create keepsakes to be treasured for a lifetime. Leveraging the photo editing and graphic design power of Paint Shop Pro 8, this series is the perfect add-on allowing users to present photos in professionally-designed 3D layouts. The ready-to-use components provide a wealth of inspiration for both first-time and experienced scrapbookers, who can use the layouts as is or create designs with a personal touch. By combining traditional scrapbooking techniques and embellishments with digital ones users can make unique and treasured family heirlooms. With seven editions to choose from, consumers have a wide variety of scrapbooking tools at their fingertips. More...

Scrapbooking the Digital way
Scrapbooking the Digital Way Teaches How to Create Sophisticated Layouts and Scrapbooking Embellishments

(6/9/2004) – Jasc® Software, Inc. announced today the release of “Scrapbooking the Digital Way”, a 300-page book that helps traditional scrapbookers add digital elements to their layouts and introduces new scrapbookers to the efficiency and ease of digital scrapbooking. With its easy-to-navigate chapters, this full-color book teaches readers to create imaginative, custom scrapbooks using Paint Shop™ Pro®.

By following the step-by-step instructions, readers quickly learn how to create scrapbook elements that include geometric background papers, metal words, fibers, tags, vellums, buttons, textures, and more. Both traditional and digital scrapbookers from beginner to expert will find tips, tricks, and techniques to enhance the presentation of life’s special moments. More...


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The world's only Paint Shop Pro magazine.

Announcing the launch of the world's first Paint Shop Pro magazine, a full book quality magazine every month with a free CD. Available in the UK from WHSmith and Borders, and set to come to the USA in Barnes and Noble and Borders stores. You can also order a single issue or a subscription online.

Find out more, review our contents pages and buy now from our website.


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Don't forget to stop by our library and check out the great resources there.

Now including magazine subscription reviews, the library pages continue to inform members of the amazing array of books concerning PSP; digital photography and drawing.

Head Librarian

Webring & Database

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If you have been a member with PSPUG for quite some time now, I'm sure you've 'heard' this message several times. Please bear with me. I cannot stress enough that when you join the Webring, you must list the URL of the page where the Webring Logo will be placed. Upon joining sites are placed in the queue where they are checked automatically to see if the logo appears on the page. Therefore if you list a different page it doesn't show up as being acceptable and it delays your site from being added to the ring.

I only sporadically check manually to see if the ring logo is up. Once it shows up as okay, I then check to see if your site meets with our guidelines.

If you're not a member of the Webring, why not take this opportunity to join. You can do so at:

Database If you have any reason to contact Database, (whether it be to change email address or any other information) please supply the email address you signed up with. If, for any reason you don't remember the email addy, then please give me your full name which will enable me to locate your listing so that I may accommodate you.

Send your requests Here

Webring Coordinator

Odds & Ends

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Are you a font collector? TTFLIST is a fine little program that creates a list of all fonts on your harddrive and their locations. It's a snap to use. You can collect the 238 kb file here.


If you have any comments or suggestions for the Graphics Chronicle please send them to: chronicle@pspug.org

Thank you,

Audrey Yoeckel

Chronicle Editor