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Web Space
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PSPUG is pleased to be able to offer its members webspace for their PSPUG projects. The following pages will describe the various aspects as related to registering for web space. There is also an opportunity to explore a demo site and explore the two methods for managing the site.

Web Space may be rented on PSPUG and is to be in accordance with the Terms of Service Agreement. The cost of the Web Space includes the site being registered so that your domain name will have its own unique URL (domain name of your choice).

Web Space may be used to display Homework (for the Self Learning Programme and/or Beginner Class Program) and/or other graphics and work related to PSPUG activities and use of PSP.

Using FTP and Control Panel

There are two ways to access one's web site to manage it, upload files, update files, create directories (folders) and other functions related to the site. FTP (file transfer protocol) is an application that allows connecting to the website and the Control Panel is a web based site manager system.

Each of these ways to manage one's sites has its advantages. Also, it will be one's preference which one to use or maybe use both programs. The FTP program may be the easiest to use for uploading of files either singularly or many files at once. The Control Panel may be the easiest to use to edit files, change file permissions if needed, to view on-line the contents of files.

What Features are Available?

Web Space 50 megabytes (Sufficient for over 100 pages and around 150 graphics of 2.5K size)
Monthy Bandwidth 500 megabytes (More than sufficient to handle traffic of others viewing the web site).
FTP Access A FTP program allows one to upload and manage there site.
Control Panel Access also by a Web Based Control Panel to manage the site. (File manager, cgi scripts, mail, password protect directories, and other functions).
cgi-bin Yes -- a cgi-bin folder for user cgi files if wanted.
cgi-scripts Includes a scripts for a simple guest book, counter, clock, a Site Search Engine and more.
Email Account One domain name email account is included which can be accessed by an email program or by webmail.
HotLink Protection Ability to ensure no other site can link to user's graphics which if done costs bandwidth useage when done.
Password Protection Ability to password protect folders.
Help File How to use the Control Panel.
Cost An Annual fee of $25.00 ( Site Setup includes domain registration fee of $9.75)
Terms of Service