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  • User: The subscriber to PSPUG for renting space on the PSPUG web site.
  • PSPUG: Host Site owner for User Space (pspug.org).
  • Web space: Space rented on PSPUG for use as a User's Web Site.
  • Access: Ability to access the folder(s) related to the purchased Web Space.
  1. User is purchasing web space on PSPUG. Payment by Paypal indicates agreement with these terms of service.

  2. PSPUG will provide the user with 50 megs of web space and 500 megs of bandwidth or transfer per month for an annual fee of $25.00 which includes Registration of their site as a domain as part of the site set up.

  3. Payment is an annual fee and is renewable the month prior to expiration. Non-payment for renew will automatically discontinue the user web site upon the expiration date. Notices will be sent to the user as reminders for renewal within the month prior to expiration.

  4. The web site is to be used principally for displaying pages for graphics as related to PSPUG activities such as the Self Learning Programme, the Beginner Class Program, Community Activities, Photo Workshop, and/or Members Gallery. However, the web site may also be used to create other pages that the user may wish to display as related to PSPUG and PSP activities.

  5. The site may not be used for any adult content (nudity, sexual content), commercial purposes (selling of products, software, plugins, tubes, etc.), or advertising. Sites found to be in violation of this agreement will be automatically terminated. Refund is not available for terminated sites.

  6. Access to the web site is by either FTP (File Transfer Protocol program) or by a web based Control Panel. Both FTP and the Web Based control panel may be used to manage site files. Detailed instructions for using both are provided in the welcome letter upon registration for a web site.

  7. Termination of the site:
    • A. Termination of the web site by the user prior to the expiration or annual date does not allow for refund of the fee or prorated fee.
    • B. Termination of the web site by PSPUG will be final. Preliminary information will be provided to the site user as to the reasons for possible termination unless the reasons are addressed. If the reasons for termination are not addressed the site will be discontinued within 30 days or less of the initial letter of intent to terminate.