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Using FTP to Manage the Site

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a program that makes uploading to websites easy and allows easy management of the directories (folders) and files. If you do not yet have an FTP client there are many and some are freeware. This discussion of using FTP is based upon the Smart FTP program.

The following are some of the links to various FTP clients that are free ware. PSPUG does not have any affiliation with any of these programs and does not recommend any one over the other. Other FTP programs may be found using a Search for FTP. Just download and then install the FTP Client.


The FTP Client

Once installed, when activated you will see the basic FTP window which starts up only with a window of the local browser. The browser window allows you to navigate on your computer to find the files you want to upload to your web site.

In the welcome letter after registering for a web site with PSPUG you will be given three important pieces of information: The IP Address needed to connect to the web site, your Login Name and your Password. You will just enter that information into the appropriate boxes.

Once the information is entered you connect by using either File || Connect or click on the Connect shortcut button (Left most icon). You will then connect to the web site.

The first connect screen seen is the home directory for the domain. In order to get to the directory used for all your files, in the domain window on the left click on the 'public_html' folder. You then will be taken to the folder where you upload your files.

To upload files, highlight the file(s) that are on your computer in your browser window, then drag them to the site folder. That is all there is to uploading. To create a new folder, you place your computer in the domain window right panel and right click on your mouse. Then select 'New Folder' and then name it and you will have created a new folder.

There are other features which you can learn through using it and referring to the help files. However, the above are the basics for using an FTP client.