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The Help Desk will allow you to contact PSPUG Site Administration with questions related to your web site. Upon registration and activation of your website, you will also then have access to the Help Desk as your username and password will be set up for you. Thus, when you log in to the Help Desk, just enter your User name and Password.

You are now in the main screen where you can manager your 'Tickets' or requests for help. You could change your Profile (Edit Profile) though it is recommended you just leave it as set up. Also, when done with your requests and reviews, you will just Log Out from this main Screen.

(Click on image for full size}

To Start a New ticket or request for help, use the New Ticket Link. The screen is pretty much self explanatory. Just fill out the ticket and submit it. When back at the Main Screen your will see that you now have an Open Ticket. You click on it to review and edit your ticket.

When you receive a response, you most often will see that your ticket has been closed. Click on it to review the response. If you still need further information or help, Reopen the ticket and add more information.

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To see a demo of the using the Help Desk, go here. Use the following to access the Help Desk.

Username: demopsp
Password: demo

Once into the Help Desk, go to Edit Profile and enter your Email address so you can see how you would receive notifications. Then go to new ticket and enter a ticket. When you have a reply to your question you will be notified by email.