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Autoeye: a new program by Auto F/x which improves scanned images and pictures.

Page Curl 1.2 by Avbros: This terrific plugin by Avbros curls pages or selections and enables one to keep the curled end when it is longer than the original picture. Also it allows one to control the transparency and to specify the back of the page being curled.

Puzzle Pro 1.2 by Avbros: This neat plugin by Avbros enables one to make puzzles of images, save the pieces to layers so they can be manipulated, and to set the blur, the bevel and the opacity of each piece.

BladePro: A plug-in with great filters. 

buZZ.Professional 1.03 by Segmentis Limited: This Plugin enables anyone to take a digital picture and, with the use of buZZ's Simplifier and other options, turn it into a work of art quickly and easily.

Edge and Frame Galaxy CD-ROM: A terrific CD with over 1550 neatly organized edges and frames. The CD also provides tools, filters and instructions.

Eye Candy 4000 by Alien Skin Software LLC: This Plugin has 23 superb filters and a new interface which is very easy to use. The filters range from Shadows to Bevels to Drip, Melt and Marble.

Filters Unlimited: A Plugin program which integrates into one program its own filters and any other compatible filters you wish to import or that are already in the directory where you have installed Filters Unlimited.

Flogger: Flogger is a light, simple application designed to help logging sequences of instructions made in Paint Shop Pro.

HarmWave: A small in size software program that creates excellent textures for desktop wallpapers and webpage backgrounds.

HTML Shrinker 2.0 Professional by Harald Heim: Shrinker quickly and easily compresses the size of various web, wap and script files so that the web or wap pages will load faster and require less web space and less bandwidth.

Innovations 1.5.2 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd: hese 35 plugins offer a terrific variety of edge, wave, teethmarks, blur, threshold, and colour effects.

Innovations 2 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd.: Twelve terrific Photoshop 5 type plugins which concentrate on numerous blurring effects, striped blur effects, and more.

Innovations 3 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd.: This Colour Set is a collection of color changing plugins. There are fourteen plugins with many controls for some wonderful effects.

Jungle 2D: A terrific set of Tubes of tree leaves, nuts, fruits and also plants, rocks and other images from nature. There are also images of tree trunks and branches as well as some texture patterns and images for making custom brushes.

Namo WebEditor 5:Namo WebEditor 5 by Jasc is a full featured WYSIWYG HTML editor that simplifies the creation and management of web pages and sites. Suitable for beginners and pros, this makes building complex sites easy with a wide range of flexibility.

Net Vampire: An easy to use FTP download client.

Paper Textures 1 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd.: The product provides 1000 excellently rendered paper textures that can be used as textures, brushes, in the retouch tool and as clone objects to create fantastic images.

Photo/Graphic Edges 10,000+ by Auto FX Software: This Plugin enables one to add varying edge effects, shadows, glows, bevels, burned eges, lighting, textures, mattes, sepia tone, mezzotints and more to ones images all from within one interface.

Plugin Commander Pro 1.50: The Plugin Commander Pro now has even greater capabilities to organize plugins including the multiple plugins like Eye Candy, batch process, apply filters to images, create and convert filters and more. This is all done within the one program.

Plugin Galaxy: An excellent collection of 20 plugins each with many settings.

Plugin Magic by Sapphire Innovations Ltd: Plugin Magic by Sapphire Innovations Ltd. contains over 900 plugins. The plugins vary and include color displacements, blurs, distortions, random effects, posterizing effects and more.

Tubed 1 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd.: Over 180 excellent tubes for Paint Shop Pro T 5 and version 6 including ultra colourful tubes, spheriod tubes and spiral tubes.

Tubed 2 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd.: 185 colourful and excellently rendered tubes for Paint Shop Pro T (version 6 only) varying from spheres to wild shapes.

Tubes Magic 1 by Sapphire Innovations Ltd.: This product consists of over 1000 innovative tubes and 19 sets of brushes for use in PSP 5, 6 or 7.

Winzip: A flexible compressing / decompressing utility, fully compatible with pkzip, that also support for the more common compressing formats in the Internet.

Xara3D4 by Xara Ltd: Xara3D4 creates logos, animations and titles of superb quality quickly and easily.

Xara X by Xara Ltd.: Xara X is a full-featured vector graphics package with wonderful features that include everything from vector and bitmap transparency to making button bars including the html, blending and more.

Xenofex: The new set of plugins from Alien Skin Software.

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