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On these pages, you find the the PSPUG tutorials listed by keywords. We hope that this makes it easy for you to locate the tutorials that help you learn about a certain PSP feature or effect, or to create just the image that you have in mind. The little PSP symbols indicate the PSP version the tutorial was written for, and as on the other index pages the little German flag leads to the German version of a tutorial. (Up to now, all tutorials written for PSP 9 and/or PSP 8 are included in this index; the other tutorials will be added by and by.)

As always, if you have any questions about our tutorials, please contact the Tutorials Coordinator by email. Also, don't hesitate to ask your questions in our forums where there are many talented members providing great help and information.

And now just jump to the letter that your keyword begins with!

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Keywords beginning with B
Background Eraser Tool
PSP 9Tools: The Eraser Tools
PSP 8Working with the Background Eraser

Background Erasing
PSP 8PSP 9Cleaning Images with the Freehand Selection Tool
PSP 7Using the Lasso Tool – also in: Mit der Freihand-Auswahl (Lasso) arbeiten
PSP 5PSP 6Using the Lasso Tool – also in: Mit der Freihand-Auswahl (Lasso) arbeiten

Backgrounds – Border Backgrounds
PSP 5PSP 6PSP 7Making Bordered Backgrounds – also in: Hintergrundbilder mit seitlichem Rand

Backgrounds – Seamless Backgrounds
PSP 8Creating a Background with the Retouch Tools
PSP 8New Image and Materials Palette: Creating a Background
PSP 8Satin Background
PSP 7Backgrounds - Gingham
PSP 7Backgrounds - Grid
PSP 5PSP 6PSP 7Backgrounds - Seamless
PSP 5PSP 6PSP 7Making Seamless Backgrounds – also in: Nahtlose Hintergrundbilder
PSP 5PSP 6PSP 7Using the Paint Brush and Air Brush – also in: Der Standardpinsel und die Sprühdose
PSP 5PSP 6Backgrounds - Gingham
PSP 5PSP 6Backgrounds - Grid

PSP 7Bubbles
PSP 5PSP 6Bubbles

Balls and Bubbles Effect
PSP 8Glass Bowl – also in: Glasschale
PSP 8A Golden Goblet
PSP 8Reflections – Using 'Balls and Bubbles'

PSP 8Wavy Banner

Bezier Curve
PSP 8Wavy Banner
PSP 7Simple Vector Clipart (3) – also in: Einfache Vektor-Clipart (3)
PSP 6Simple Vector Clipart (3)

PSP 8Bird House – also in: Vogelhäuschen

Blinds Effect
PSP 7Blinds, Emboss, Sandstone Effects

Black & White with Color
PSP 8PSP 9PSP XColour Popping in PSP
PSP 8PSP 9Making Part of an Image Monochrome
PSP 7Color Car Tutorial
PSP 7Making Part of an Image Monochrome
PSP 6PSP 7Adding Color Accents to a Black and White Photo – also in: Farbakzente setzen in Schwarz-/Weiß-Photos

Blur Effects
PSP 7Blur Effects

PSP 8Glass Bowl – also in: Glasschale

PSP 8Lidded Boxes as Preset Shapes (1): Making the Preset Shape – also in: Kiste mit Deckel als vordefinierte Form (1): Erstellen der Form
PSP 8Lidded Boxes as Preset Shapes (2): Using the Preset Shape

0PSP 7The PSP Browser
PSP 5PSP 6The PSP Browser

Brush Strokes Effect
PSP 8Making an Oil Painting from a Photo – also in: Ein Photo in ein Ölgemälde verwandeln

Brush Variance Palette
PSP 8The Brush Variance Palette

PSP 8Importing Brushes and Other File Types

PSP 7Bubbles
PSP 5PSP 6Bubbles

Buttonize Effect
PSP 7Buttonize Effect

PSP 8More on Effects – also in: Mehr über Effekte
PSP 7Easy Buttons
PSP 7Gold Oval Button
PSP 7Quick Golden Button – also in: Schneller goldener Button
PSP 7Simple "Yahoo!" Style 3D Buttons
PSP 7Tabbed Navigational Bars
PSP 5PSP 6PSP 7Creating a New Image – also in: Ein neues Bild erstellen
PSP 5PSP 6PSP 7Making Cutouts and Chiseled Buttons and Using Hot Wax – also in: Buttons mit Effekten: Aussparung, Relief & Wachsüberzug
PSP 5PSP 6PSP 7Oval Button with Text – also in: Ovaler Button mit Text
PSP 5PSP 6Easy Buttons
PSP 5PSP 6Gold Oval Button
PSP 5PSP 6Quick Golden Button – also in: Schneller goldener Button
PSP 5PSP 6Simple "Yahoo!" Style 3D Buttons
PSP 5PSP 6Tabbed Navigational Bars

Buttons – Mouseover
PSP 7Mouseover Graphics
PSP 7Photo-Negative Mouseovers – also in: Photo-Negative mit Mouseover-Effekt
PSP 5PSP 6Mouseover Graphics

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